By sicko - 07/11/2018 18:30 - Egypt

Today, while my 8-year-old was at school, I got a call saying that he shat and peed himself and then attacked a girl with his shit. FML
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Take him to see a psychologist. That kid has issues.

Yeah, that's not normal. You might want to get him to a therapist.


Sounds like you raised a monkey

manb91uk 22

Your from Egypt, Denial is your best defence

Emma Marshall 19

Is he a monkey?

Did you visit a zoo some time before this incident? Do you remember if your son looked a bit more hairy afterwards than usually? Was there someone rattling at metal bars, crying " Don't leave without me, a monkey entrapped me and stole my clothes, I am your son" ?

probably too late already to pay any attention on him now but it's never too late is it?

randybryant799 20

I don't want to sound mean but your kid needs help. Immediately.