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By happybirthday - 24/03/2013 21:15 - United States

Today, it's my 18th birthday. My parents got me a $5 gift certificate to iTunes. It came for free with the iPhone they just bought my sister for her middle school graduation. FML
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reras89 0

That sucks. Guess we know who the favorite is.

As soon as I read this I said out loud "Woahhh, that's just fucked up."


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Sunbolt 0

that what her parents told her

responses 0

that's just plain dumb. I've met kids who can barely speak English and they graduated middle school. FYL

Piggilywiggily15 0

BS!! I bought an IPhone and didn't get $5 gift card...

so shut up and make me a sammich!!!

CanadianHuney 0

wtf! are you kidding? give some of the 5$ to your sister???? don't she got a fucking iPhone! she doesn't need that

hmmm that 5 bucks wont even get you shazam

ScreenShotz4Memes 5

your right, cause shazam is free?Fyl

That's a sign for get the hell out you bum.

Sarcasm, fuckwit.

peedxdxdx 0

they should of gotten u a shamwow

thatguy888 0

you should beat her and then break her iPhone.

lovesbandk09 0

love it I wld totally b my plan.

ChelseaXD 0

fyl:/ your sister got a middle school graduation present and an iPhone at that? wth?!

X18GirlX 0

Living until 18 is easy

I wish I got a 5$ certificate for my iPhone... steal ur sisters.

_football4life_ 0

he probly already has an iPhone cuz don't u have to have one to get fml's

ilikeslushies 0

on the bright side, when you finally get smart enough to graduate middle school, you can have an iPhone too!

D3ADKi113R 0


hotscar 3

366, are you retarded?

313 are you a dumbass of course it's a joke

Jackass, you got to be 18 for this

hntr612 3

you are soooooo jacked up

36-...... it's a web site.... started out as one, then became an app AND a website.......

mcasa24 0

huh guess I'm not the only one

chriskiss 2

LOL @Steve Jobs 5 bucks cant even buy 5 songs xD

hemminge90 0

reras89 0

That sucks. Guess we know who the favorite is.

someone2me2 1

Steal it

yuhhkno 0

it shoulda been the other way around no doubt thts bs!!

Um, excuse me for asking this, but what the eff you do, screw the pooch? Maybe the warden told them you aren't allowed to have any property over $ 5 in your cell.

Herropreez17 0

Umm # 458... wtf?

I'm sorry, that sucks pretty bad!

ogeaz 0


Sounds like my parents, Extreme favoritism.

wolfejarrett25 0

stfu bitch

The big gift is coming!

a $10 gift card, used...

Soulless746 0

thats messed up. your parents are worse than mine.

my parents would do that exact kind of thing to me, my dad likes my sister best... lol idc tho. anyways OP fyl I know how you feel

randomguy1millon_fml 0

the fml only works if he does not have a iPhone

As soon as I read this I said out loud "Woahhh, that's just fucked up."

hey, i got nothing for my last birthday. just take as it comes buddy.

u suck at giving advice

jesslackszazz 0

I'd destroy the iphone, but thats just me.

robtuffguy 0

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so true

raqraqrawr 5

I'd do the same, but I guess I'm lucky to be the only child.

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Anonymus101 4

That's just wrong when parents decide a favorite.