By ren - 13/01/2009 20:54 - United States

Today, I went to work only to serve one table, make a $9.00 tip, get sent home because it was slow, have the city busses stop running because of weather, and have to pay a $20 cab fare to get home. FML
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ouch.. cant say i feel for u, but i hope the rest of ur week turned out alright. sunny smiles! :D

damn, talk about shitty. hope that doesn't happen again


this is one of the very few true FMLs on this site.

This has to be the shortest comment thread in FML history. The FML is even from 09'!

mxij 13

Well, if there's any good left you will have a busy day with big tips. Or you could just find a 20$ bill in the road. Either works

I'd go for the big day with lots of tips, might be more than $20 with that ;)

wickedhyype 17

In general, f any person's life who works customer service.

Some helpful advice if you're working in the US and your tips plus your hourly wages don't add up to minimum-wage your employer is required to make up the difference