Today, I was walking when a man pointed a camera at me. I got bitchy about it, and said "Did I say you could take a picture?" He replied with, "No, but can you get the fuck out of the way so I can take one of my wife and kids?" I turned around, and they were right behind me. FML
By PicturePerfect / Monday 2 March 2009 21:33 / Canada
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By  NorfolkDude  |  2

I agree. You need to unbitch yourself. Ready.... set... go....

However, I agree, you have to be a pretty big bitch to not realize people take pictures of their families all the time in public. It's damn near common sense that when you see someone with a camera, you move out the way.

  megissocool  |  0

haha this reminds me of the awkward moments when someone looks like they wave to you but really they are waving to someone near you. I hate those moments, and this would be 10000000x worse...eek!

  Baglesbites  |  0


By  AliSama  |  17

much ego you have. Reminds me of a comicon when i was walking to meet some friends, so we could go grab breakfast. A lady in line went. excuse me, the line starts over there. I went thank you, i was not going to the dealer room, so i started walking. "the line starts over there" showed them my pass, which was industry, got her to shut up and look stupid.

By  fml0rjs  |  0

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  sillypiper  |  0

haven't you ever been to a household where the family wasn't as proper as yours? if not you need to get out more and get in touch with reality. to answer your question because people can be asshole around anyone just cus it says wife and kid(s) doesn't mean it's a sound respectable family.

By  muse88  |  0

that is funny...i cant believe the guy cursed like that in front of his kid...u were messed up tho...

  owneditup  |  0

swearing near or at your children isnt bad... its this thing called... whats the word im looking for REALITY ive been swore at ever since i was born because its only words. my parents swear at mee all the time and there still great parents

  FkMySugar  |  19

I will occasionally swear in front of my child- I figure she is gonna hear it regardless of how much I try to censor. I believe it's more important that she learns when it is and is not appropriate to use that kind of language. I think the fathers use was appropriate.