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Today, I have an infected piercing because I'm allergic to the metal. My ear is so swollen that I can't remove the jewelry. It won't get better until I'm able to remove the jewelry. FML
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You should go see your piercer about this

The piercer had nothing to do with this, they just pierced the clients ear!

not true. though at this point there it's too bad for the piercer to do anything. if you get it done by a professional they don't have a problem with you calling to ask questions or coming in for help with changing jewelry or discussing concerns.

I think that warrants a visit to the doctor or even the ER if it's gotten that bad

Yeah this happened to me once and they had to rip it out :(

It sounds like you have to cut off your ear.

Normally, I hate it when people give sincere advice on FML, but #3 is on point. If you hold on to the ear after removal, it makes an incredibly romantic gift, too.

#7 Its funny bc in Britain we pronounce Gogh "Goff"

Actually, my friend had to go to the ER, get her ear lobe cut off, have the earring removed, then have her ear lobe sewn back on.

You would think that's the first thing someone with an infection would do. Clearly we have too much faith in the idea of common sense

The piercing is protecting itself from you. This is phase one of its takeover. You'll know phase two has begun once your hand is bigger than your face and you start hearing the voices. (Okay, now somebody hits the OP's hand)

Go see your piecer or Doctor (although sometimes they suggest the wrong thing cause they aren't trained in the knowledge of piercers)

Pease see a doctor! Your piercer can do nothing at this point and you'll most likely be put on some form of antibiotics to help your ear. At least now you know about your allergy and can avoid this in the future.

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If it is an allergy, an antibiotic will do absolutely nothing. Please don't spread antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics are for bacterial infections only. An anti-inflammatory medication would actually be most effective.

You're right, maybe not an antibiotic per say, but some form of medication. Brain fart on my end~

Brain fart? On which end? Simply checking...

Well, 15, most people have brains in their head. But I understand the confusion since yours seems to be in your ass

I think #9 said antibiotics because OP mentioned having an infection from their allergy. If it's swollen, I'd try warm water and sea salt. Not sure how much that helps with allergic reactions but that's what I use when I clean my piercings.

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Go to the best piercer in you city. I'd go now.

I know EXACTLY how you feel so just very quickly pull the earring out and maybe next time you get a piercing try hypo-allergenic piercings

I suffer from a nickel allergy which most earrings contain. Those earrings turn my ears black. Gold, sterling silver, and stainless steel work for me. Stick to the earrings in cases.

#16 That mental image isn't pleasant at all. Well, we all have to figure out what we're allergic to/what'll happen one way or another

I'm pretty sure I have a nickel allergy too. Sterling silver earrings used to really bother my ears, and if I left them in my ear lobes would swell up. I think people are better about putting nickel in earrings now because the allergy is pretty common.