By FakeID - 06/05/2009 20:05 - United States

Today, I was pulled over for speeding. When the police officer approached me and asked for license and registration, I accidentally gave him my fake I.D. FML
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stkeepsitreal 0

haha iv done that but my fake is the same pic and same info on it, the only thing different is the year i was born, i hella got away with it thank god! Giggidy giggidy!


titan90 0

YDI for having a fake ID...jerk

deaditegirl 0

Wow. YDI for being that dumb.

goodness_fml 0

wow...YDI.. end of story... but u were really careless..oh well this should teach u a lesson...

#14: Stop equating homosexuals to people who do something bad or wrong. OP: YDI for both speeding AND having a fake ID.

"My name is Juan Eduardo Gonzalez Christ, and I'm 27." Wonder how it played out XD

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FBIWarning 0

awesome, time for a new fake I.D. :)

hahahahhahaha i almost did that once; shit that must have sucked

wow. YDI for keeping them both in the same place.