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  CTMPandemonium  |  16

I agree with you, at least a little. I wouldn't go as far as saying the game ruins lives, it's more so how people let it become such an important part of their lives. in this case, I agree and have no sympathy for the OP as they clearly don't understand that their wedding is much more important than any video game should be. OP, YDI on this one.

  Bex628  |  20

World of Warcraft is partially why my first marriage didn't work. While my ex-husband and I both played, he wanted to spend money we didn't have on in-game content. He also decided that us questing and doing raids together was proper "together time." He wouldn't take time off the game to spend time with me nor communicate. Games are fine, and fun, in moderation.

  ohgeejosee  |  19

I don't agree it ruins lives, just don't be so damn irresponsible. You're an asshole OP, and you just about (if you already didn't) ruin a very important day.

  brinnablaine  |  22

My ex-boyfriend was once three hours late to pick me up from work (in my car, which I had allowed him to use to 'put in job applications') because he was in an instance and his group needed him (a PUG, people, seriously!). Many people would call this another example of WoW ruining a relationship, but in my experience, an idiot jerk will use any opportunity to act like an idiot jerk. In some occasions, it just happens to be WoW. I don't blame the game at all. In fact I now play it frequently and have a great relationship with another gamer.

Games like WoW can be beneficial to life and relationships, when played in moderation. Check out Jane Mcgonigal's Ted talks on the subject. They're very inspiring. But I guess my point is don't blame WoW for the actions of the people who play it.

OP deserves it, not for playing a popular game but for losing sight of his priorities and failing to be there for his fiance on what should have been one of the most memorable and important days of their life together.

  norzkenolzn  |  8

im sorry you had that exptirence. but i hope you can move forward unlike alot of fml:ers and dont hate! and get a guy that values the time he has with you more than anything! i didnt spell eniterly ok but im a drunk swede so :/

  the_real_dvd  |  21

I had a roommate who lost jobs and had cars repossessed because of this game. I would go to bed at 11PM after working all day then going to night college classes while he played this game. Then I'd wake up at 5 AM and he'd still be playing. Come home at 4 PM after work... and he's still playing. THAT is the very definition of an addiction. And addictions ruin lives.

  alycion  |  38

Any addiction can ruin lives. I play mmos. I also have priorities. It's not that hard to keep things in perspective and remember that it's just a game. If you can't, you are probably addicted and should consider giving it up.

  \  |  28

WoW? I've heard that cigarettes are easier to quit. Try Team Fortress 2, it's cheaper and less addicting :)

  DrKoz  |  10

The Game doesn't "ruin" your life. You ruin your life yourself by playing it. Its just a tool you use to do it.
Blaming the game for ruining your life is like blaming sugar for making you diabetic.

  rebellionwars  |  11

You are a liar because actually it doesn't ruin most people's lives. Wow players are just as responsible as anyone else. It depends on how you use your time on the game. Stop making ignorant stereotypes and the people who thumbs up your stupidity are just as moronic and clueless. Besides, you don't even play the game, just listening to problems from a few irresponsible players. Shut the fuck up.

  Alicestraza  |  33

While I agree that you're not going to miss your own wedding for WoW, they just released a new patch with a new raid and an island filled with epic gear so right now it's not too bad.

  lolita88_fml  |  27

Something showed up on my screen when I said I reckoned it was fake. Sure so what if it is? We get to complain, they get a badge for getting an FML published.

  Caitie_kid  |  8

Agreed 40. It's pretty pathetic that his computer is so important to him that it would make him late for his own wedding. I wonder how often he actually lives in the real world with his fiancé.

  saad2605  |  16

Come on guys. What you're trying to tell me is that his game wasn't as important.
Oh wait!!! That's exactly the seen. Sorry OP but YDI on this one.

By  The_Thinker  |  18

Your level-95 Paladin is not impressed.

  CTMPandemonium  |  16

#88 Borderlands is just as WoW lol. They keep "adding more stuff" and "increasing level caps" to keep you interested and making you buy more. Crafty little bitches lol. :P


You don't have to buy the expansion to raise the level cap though! However it wouldn't matter for took me four years to get my priestess to 90. Next is my Pandaren Monk.

  Aussieinusa  |  5

My warrior and death Knight are still 85, my panda is only 40 something. I got bored with it too easily. Also doesn't help that everyone I know left the game lol

  sugarbear0727  |  19

I haven't been able to play in a year, but I miss it so much. My Draenei Hunter was lvl 84, and it didn't take me long to lvl her up. Maybe three months. I was kinda obsessed when I started playing.

  JTHomer  |  13

Just for those who don't know, the original level cap was 60, then the expansion called Burning Crusade came out and it raised to 70. Then Wrath of the Lich King 80, Cataclysm 85, and finally Mists of Pandaria

By  Jeffo193  |  13

I hope for your spouse's sake that either this is fake or that at the very least you had the wherewithal to come up with a better excuse than "I was playing WoW".

  Chumsword  |  8

"Sorry I was late honey. On my way to the wedding, a large green man told me I had to save the world and handed me a set of armor to help me relinquish the evil... but the real reason I'm late is cause my tux got wrinkled under the armor and I had to find someone to press it.." Problem solved.

  threer  |  30

Guys, it was a joke..


Haha my husband and I play, and we have forgotten things while in-game. Nothing incredibly important, but then again we know We get addicted so we set alarms on our phones with reminders.

By  darwinism  |  30

It's just a misunderstanding right? When your wife to be said "take all the time you need with your Vow" you thought she said you can play all the WOW you want? Nice try OP