By eventer1919 - 04/08/2015 02:48 - United States - Rice Lake

Today, I was asked to cover work for someone because they have volleyball practice. Apparently, they haven't noticed that we've been on the same team for two years. FML
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Let's hope they get reminded when they see you at practice!

Do you work together often? On th job and/or on the team?


Do you work together often? On th job and/or on the team?

Oh wow, how big is your team for her not to notice you?

Wait so the teammate asked you to cover for them or a boss asked you to cover because they had practice? This was worded strangely..

A coworker asked to leave work for volleyball practice. So the guy who had to cover his shift also was on his volleyball team so he had that practice too

Initially, I thought the same thing too. I was wondering how on earth a manager would know (or forget) if two employees had identical team schedules. Then I realized that one employee directly asked the other. That said, a followup would be nice. This could have gotten very interesting.

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This happened to me once. Someone asked me to cover their shift so that they could go to prom. We went to the same school.

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about 400 people altogether in the high school. very small. haha

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