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Today, I texted my college boyfriend to tell him how terrible I felt about cheating. He replied saying he was so relieved because he had been cheating on me with a girl in his dorm. I was talking about my math exam. FML
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LOL well atleast you know the truth now!~ and how can the OP deserve it??? idgi

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LOL well atleast you know the truth now!~ and how can the OP deserve it??? idgi

YDI for cheating on your exam. Karma.

WTF whoever said 'karma' is a loser. karma happens after you've ****** up not before.

I would say FYL for having a boyfriend that cheated on you. But then you shouldn't have cheated on your math exam, so YDI at the same time.

So what if she cheated on the exam BEFORE her b/f cheated on her? KARMA.

ppl who says YDI.. its not like u havent cheat before.

Actually, I never have cheated before, not everybody has.

My words...They are just trying to find a stupid, pointless reason to say YDI. TheyTotallyDI, whatever it might be.

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they deserved it for not clarifying on what they meant by "cheating"

Well who would want to stay with a meanie like that? Dump that man... Not to sound like your father.

im pretty sure karma just hurts you however much you hurt someone else.. and she just cheated on a math test right? i don't think that warrants losing a relationship O_O

it said he had already been cheating... o.O

people who cant speak english... its not like u havent cheat before.

OP can deserve it for cheating on the math exam in the first place, or OP can deserve it for not specifying. :)

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NOBODY deserves to be cheated on. and even if she would have specified, he was still cheating. it's not like he cheated just bc she said she did.

I understand. But why would you cheat on a Maths Exam? You're just cheating yourself. If she passed, then maybe her teacher would've expected more work like that. I know nobody deserves to be cheated on unless they cheated on the other first. If she specified, it would've been a secret and it would've been broken off later. Anyway, he probably slept with this 'other girl' by accident and wouldn't do it again. :) BUT I saw a Facebook like exactly word for word to this one. I think it's unreal.

I think it's actually a really good thing she didn't say she was talking about math. If she didn't she wouldn't have found out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. It might hurt, but it's better to find out now and move on now rather than year from now when you actually catch him cheating.

It just means that he's taking the 'relationship' they have for granted. He scored a girl (OP) then he loved her, but he found another girl in his college and stopped loving OP. I find it disrespectful that a person can not bring themselves to stick to a person, or just cheat on their partners.

They might deserve to find out for not being specific but somehow I don't think that's what the OP is concerned about. The question is did she deserved to be cheated on?

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Well OP didn't clarify what she cheated on so that might be why.

By reading the first part and assuming that she meant relationship cheating

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that's what she gets for cheating on her exam.

No, not at all, actually. His cheating never depended on her cheating on her exam.

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Well honestly idk how you would word something to get cheating on him from cheating on a test. I bet you were tryna **** with his head bitchh

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Karma at its best. OP cheated on a test, and in return, lost a boyfriend. But yea he was a dick for cheating on you.

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Tell him "You son of a bitch. I was talking about my math exam. What the ****??" and promptly dump him. A relationship is nothing without trust.

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I agree but don't dump him. Fire him from a cannon into a wall.

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This is a good point, but slap him before, during and afterwards.

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well you should specify wut kind of cheating, if i got a text from my girl saying hey i feel bad about cheating i would think the same thing. But at least you found out! I hope you dumped his disrespectful ass

Ouch! Get rid of him. Once a cheater always a cheater. You dont need that.

By that logic OP will always be a math cheater. Regardless if her boyfriend will continue his cheating ways he deserves to be dumped harder than I do after a long bout of constipation.

man that awesome, offer him a threesome

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Would you mind posting your perverted comments elsewhere?

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would you mind your business ?

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327: I am a commenter and yes I comment on FMLs, which are personal. So if you don't like my comments, get off the website for all I care.

Sorry for you, although I don’t condone cheating on a test. If your boyfriend had a head on his shoulders, he would have kept his mouth shut and milked the moral high ground for a bit.

and here, ladies and gentlemen, is a professional cheater. Haha.