By dragonfyre73 - United States - San Francisco
Today, I finally met my long-distance boyfriend of three years for the first time in person. After an amazing dinner and movie date, we went back to his house, only for him to dump me half an hour later. Not because I wouldn't have sex with him. No, his cat doesn't like me. FML
dragonfyre73 tells us more :
OP here, as for all of you asking how we went three years without meeting each other, we meet in an online chatroom and became close friends. we knew each for about a year and a half before he asked me out. I was dubious as to how such a relationship would work, but it actually worked remarkably well. I personally am not the biggest fan of people or of physical contact, so having a boyfriend with whom I could only talk worked wonderfully for me. We did want to meet up in person sooner, but the travel costs along with more than a few family disagreements about the relation kinda made that a little bit difficult. We actually got back together later in my stay and he says that it was a joke. considering that he's always had an awful sense of humor, it really doesn't surprise me. I just wish that he'd been just a /touch/ more considerate. As it turns our, he had realized that he'd left the ring box on his bedside table and wanted to keep the proposal secret so yeah.
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  malea_17  |  16

Exactly... Iv been with mine for 5 months and a half on the 15th and we text talk on the phone FaceTime Skype and he sent me a picture of his ID and even did a background check and sent me results.

  davidpropert  |  32

How can you date someone without ever meeting them in person first? Where do you even meet? Obviously not a dating site because the whole point of those is to meet someone in person. To me it seems a bit ridiculous, i mean, i might as well call my pen-pal from 3rd grade my girlfriend if that's all it takes to have one. Im not trying to say your relationship isn't legitimate I just don't understand how you can have a bf/gf without ever meeting them


I'm sorry OP. this scenario is pretty close to mine. I had been in a long distance relationship for over 3 years with my bf and went to his state to meet him. however; he hates his cats so we're still together. FYL.


#87, I met mine not physically-through a friend at the time who had met him in person and they were dating. things happened and now we're together and he blocked her etc. I never was able to meet him until recently because of my parents not being supportive and being too young to travel by myself and vice versa.

  cheeeksss  |  29

Yeah I agree. Usually if they choose a silly reason to end a relationship, it is likely an excuse. As someone who is currently in a long distance relationship, I must say that 3 years is a really long time to be committed, especially without seeing the person (my bf and I try to see each other every 5-6 months). After all that hard work to maintain a long distance relationship, it is strange that he would toss it away so easily. I'm sorry this happened to you OP, but at least you didn't end up with someone like him and now you can find someone better.


#53 Depends. Say I got a boyfriend and he said "It's me or the horse," well, I'd be saying goodbye to him because my horse was there before he was and my horse will be there when he's gone. Pets ARE family and for someone to tell you to choose between a pet and them is honestly selfish.

  katachristic  |  19

Not only that, but animals have a certain intuition about people. When a normally docile animal looks at someone and gets pissed, you should take their hint that this person might not be as good as you thought.

By  NeoMatrix25  |  12

There's some underlined "cat fight" joke in here somewhere. But still, thats pretty lame to dump you just for that. I hope the next guy is perfect till the end, OP

  Migole  |  36

Cats usually need some time to get used to a new person. It's quite normal for them (or any other animal for that matter) to be suspicious for some time before they warm up to someone. It's the same reason why you won't instantly hug every cashier (for example) you interact with. Because you don't know them.

So either that boyfriend is incredibly dumb to not know how pets react or he needed an excuse (as many others have already said)

  enginsteve  |  17

#14 is correct. Its not your fault I wouldn't worry about it, this guy should have discussed this with Whiskers already. Furthermore, given that he broke up with you after 3 years based on the words of Whiskers who only knew you for 30 minutes means he is probably unreliable. All that being said, I suggest that the next time you enter into a long distance long term relationship you at least get permission first from the guy's cat.