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Today, I was denied food stamp assistance. Apparently, you need to work 20 hours a week while being a full time student to qualify or have a work study. I was recently suspended from my work study for calling off because my aunt died, and if I worked 20 hours a week, why would I need food stamps? FML
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seriously. our economy is backwards. why the **** would you apply for assistance when you don't ******* need it.

SirRager 9

Hooray for health care! This is why I'm moving to Canada.


ejejeje 0

seriously. our economy is backwards. why the **** would you apply for assistance when you don't ******* need it.

Because there are lazy ******* bastards out there who don't care about where that money comes from. Meanwhile, there are hard-working indivuals that have no choice but to contribute to this ****** up system so these parasites can live without ever contributing to their own wellbeing. It is because of this that there isn't enough assistance to around to the people that actually need it.

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6, I bet you're supported by your parents. stfu.

No, #6 has a good point. There are people who will claim benefits while doing nothing to help themselves. The 20 hours a week requirement (which is much less than full-time work) exists to prove that you're not just leeching the governments money while lazing around. It seems flawed but there is at least a valid reason for it. I would have thought they'd have different rules for students, though.

@6 Don't forget the worthless pieces of shit who have 5 babies so they can get more money, and then buy their groceries to sell/trade them for drugs. It's really a shame that the people who are trying so hard to get back on their feet are neglected because of selfishness.

the system was like that way before Obama..

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10 The system was that way before Obama took office. Go blame someone else.

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he's only been in office for a year dude... you can't expect him to fix all of bush's mistakes

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To answer OP's about because 20 hours a week is not sufficient to live off of? And I agree with most of you, there are a lot of people who are just taking advantage of the government, but it's only possible because of lazy case workers. I'm 20 years old and pregnant, before bed rest I was working anywhere from 10-25 hours a week (it just depended on my manager's mood) and I go to school 40+ hours a week. I took me six months before I could get any kind of response from my case worker. Apparently I didn't need the assistance enough even though within those six months, I lost my job because school kept getting in the way. I feel like furthering my education to get a good job is more important than a minimum wage job. But these trashy women with 5 kids all from different dads can sit on their ass all day and collect cash and food stamps? No. They should be sending CPS down there to see what's going on. took me talking to her supervisor and explaining that either I got assistance now so I could financially support my child through school, or they were gonna have to be stuck with me on the program for life. Because without school, I'm not going to be able to get a decent job. So go talk to someone higher up OP, your worker is probably just a lazy bum. And keep looking for a job while you're at it. Wow, sorry for that ramble. I can't stand lazy people...workers or recipients...

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I wish people would stop draining the system. I work 50+ hrs a week and a quarter of my pay goes to the govt . the only people that should be allowed govt aid should be veterans and the elderly. oh and active military. everybody else should fend for themselves. flip a burger or hell pickup scrap and sell it. we have turned into a nation that doesn't produce anything and import everything. if we stopped importing everything and produced what we need here there would be jobs to be had. we also need to kick out all the illegals too. our country is going to hell

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*individuals hghiPigh, your comment seems to imply that you are a supporter of the lazy bastards that I mentioned in my first comment. This probably means that you, too, are a lazy bastard.

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81, you can't blame everything on Bush either. he had one of the highest approval ratings until the 6th year of his term. plus the government ****** up the system in the 30's after the depression.

it's like the damn RNC in here isn't it?

3 years,and it was clintons mistakes that bush made worse.BUT Obama wants money to pay for his spending. stimulus,stimulus to pay off the stimulus,FOREVER.We have a 1.5 trillion dollar debt FROM ONLY 2010.That is half the budget for America.

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maybe they have one and they're lazy ass boyfriend won't get a job so she can't afford rent and food for both of them. **** off.

YDI for being pregnant. (Obviously this was not to the OP).

Your country is going to hell because of people like you. Be thankful that your government at least gives back to people. Oh and prior to "kicking out the illegals", go do some research on US history - you will find that the illegals are brought in on purpose when there are jobs which US citizens won't do, then kicked out when they are no longer needed. This is a more common phenomenon than you'd know. The students will be supporting your lazy arse when you retire, so you should support them now while they study. You're just jealous because they have an education and it seems that you don't. Also, what about the sick who are young and can't work, let me guess, they should be executed? All heil horrible poster who is clearly in support of hitler. I hope he shoots himself in the privates by accident.

wrong... there not lazy.. your to stupid to understand the complexity of a economy.. 1. this has nothing to do with a economy 2. this is a policy of this store obversely you would miss the funeral! if you wanted to keep your life in a balance. 3. if you do go to some sort of university you should be prepared to miss family and friends events..

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Our system is built so that if it isn't happening to you, it's not really happening at all. No empathy at all.

hi I have question what's the whole deal about the health care in Norway? is it free like in Canada or what?

yes it would solve all the problems. so you are saying that if need be you'd take a below minimum wage job right? that you'd be happy to buy products of lower quality at a higher price just so that americans can get a job right? the thing is america can't "just" go out and make copetition because they want to. either they need to have people with skills willing to work for a much lower pay than they should be entiteled to thus lowering the entire market economy since their expertise is no longer worth as much. or we need to send them out mass producing easy to make stuff for a price so low that you are going to need to give them goverment aid anyway unless you expext them to work 48 hours a day. furthermore there are some people out there who do need that suport even though it's not entirely imposibel for them to care for themself. i'm one of them. i could in theory take care of myself. but if i did i would never ever get an education and i'd never become a contributing member of society. students need to be suported trough their education and you can't expect them to handel that themself or force their parents to.

@192, I really hope your 'education' isn't over, that was the worst post so far. Go back to school and learn how to spell. And maybe do some research on what you're talking about before you just start running your mouth. Dumbass.

#86 maybe you should reference someone other than a parent with 5 children all from different mother is in that same situation and is on food stamps but works over 40 hours a week trying to support them without the assistance...and you think she doesnt pay into the government with her pay?

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Its mostly the wet back pieces of sh*t from f*cking Mexico who come here, mooch off actual hard working CITIZENS, then have about 6 anchor babies to support their lazy style. Disgusting wetbacks

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Hooray for health care! This is why I'm moving to Canada.

Eggers 2

lmao Canada health care is still much worse than America.

As a Canadian who has required extensive health care and not paid a penny for it I laugh at your comment #9.

Totally agreed 12, Canadian health care is the BEST.

good luck with that, have you even looked at the Canadian immigration process to be allowed perminent residence and a Canadian citizenship? I considered it after I graduate college but then looked at the process and said **** this.

Ohohoho, we pay for our health care, sir. Maybe not directly, but with our taxes.

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Only move to Canada if u want to be constantly disrespected and annoyed by the rude people who live there.

Yes, because Canadian's totally have the "rude and disrespectful" stereotype while Americans are "polite and quiet". OHSHI-

Yeah all that free universal health care really sucks. Everyone wishes they had health care like the US where your health insurer decides what you are and aren't allowed to get from your doctor. I mean, who needs free health care and free doctor visits and free medical testing and cheaper drugs and ... oh wait.... on second thought you're an idiot Americans pay more for their health care and receive less for it than any other first world nation and have the shortest life span among industrialized nations to prove it.

#57, speaking as a Canadian, I would have to say your comment is bullshit. Not saying Canada is full of awesome smiley people who want to help you every second of every day, but the fact is, as with ANY country, the friendliness and respect you receive from citizens depends on a few factors. Larger cities are likely to be less friendly to individuals, while smaller towns likely more friendly. I live in Montreal (bad choice for residence if you're an English speaker) and have been to several other places of varying size in a few other provinces in Canada... the friendliness depends on where you go and what you're doing. In fact, I've gotten essentially the same treatment while visiting the US. tldr: stop assuming.

Honestly, I've been to Montreal and the people there were really nice. I understand a minimal amount of French but the people there were still really chill. I met a lot of cool people. (: Quebec City is a different story though... :P I think overall Canadians are cool people... :D The stereotype fits! lol

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People are ignorant. Have you ever wondered why taxes are so much higher? Ding! Healthcare is part of your taxes. Govt. run + no options or competition = bad economy.

#96: It's nice to visit, yes, and residents tend to be more understanding of tourists/non-residents. But trust me, getting bitched out basically everywhere for having poor French is not fun.

excuse me #9? are you on crack? America is trying to get health care like Canada, so how does it suck? you get good health benefits for working at McDonalds, for gods sake.

ya, i live in a town in the mountains and we only have 200 people, when one of us gets sick or hurt not only does our GREAT Canadian healthcare help, but we all band together and do chores and help family members too. i love canada, dont diss it.

It is true that Canada has "free" health care. The "free" comes to a price of a fraction of your paycheck, almost anything you buy, and a monthly $61.00 (single person) of mandatory MSP (Medical Services Plan). This is in British Columbia of course, I don't know how much the other provinces or territories have to pay.

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food stamps have nothing to do with health care moron

punky3240 1

Well I happen to live in Buffalo, where the people from Ontario come and leave their trash everywhere, and run u over with their shopping carts or wisper about you behind your back. So I am not assuming. But I mostly ment the people from Ontario.

punky3240 1

#92. I live in Buffalo, where people from Ontario come everyday to leave their trash in the streets, smuggle things over the border, hit us with their shopping carts, and wisper about us behind our backs. So I am not assuming. I was mostly refering to the people in Ontario though.

punky3240 1

#78 Based on my experinces, Canadians have been much ruder than Americans to me. I'm not saying every Canadian is rude or mean, I'm just saying the ones I've been acquainted with have been.

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I'm not going to say Canada has a great health care system or that it's the best, because frankly wait times have become an issue. but I am going to point out a few thing, first of all who ever said no competiton=bad economy, they're our government they're not going to rip us off. But it's really nice not having to worry how something is going to get paid for when you/a loved one needs medical attention

Actually, if you're not getting health care from your government; if students can't be fed from your government; if sick people are dying, as evident by your life expectancy, you ARE getting ripped off by your government. Governments tax, but it's how they spend it which makes a difference. Stop spending money on wars you don't want to and cannot win, America. Start improving your population. Stop ignoring warnings of terrorism and deal with them before the attacks happen. Stop executing people with an iq of 75, but not executing if they have an iq of 60 or whatever it is now. Educate your people, America. Not like voting is compulsory anyway.

Crappy administration : / I know what it is, FYL

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20 hours a week is not enough money to live of off. I work 32 hours a week and I get low paychecks. idk about being a full time student. that's pretty dumb

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If u were a "minority" then u would have gotten it.

I was recently FTC from my BTW program cause some stupid (black) guy didn't make a copy saying I wasn't going to be there that day.

what does him being black have to do with anything? moron.

Eggers 2

wow boners, I never thought I'd say this, but... I agree with you

you really tried to get government aid while working less than 20 hours a week? YDI

Yes, because being a student is quite demanding on time, you know? If you plan on getting good grades, that is.

Being a student is not so demanding on your time that you can't work 20 hours a week. I went to school full time and worked 35 hours a week. I graduated on time with good grades. All it takes is a little time management and not sucking at life

russianspy1234 11

@61: And majoring in communications.

SmallTownCutie 0

61: good for you and congratulations. not everyone can do that though depending on living situations, what classes they have, an if their job can let's them work that many hours a week. everything could be different.

you people are ridiculous. If you can't earn your degree and feed yourself at the same time, you shouldn't be going to school. This is life, learn to take care of yourself. Also, it wasn't communications, it was sociology lol. yet now I'm living in one of the most expensive cities in the states, getting an expensive doctoral degree, and working full time. Get your shit together and stop depending on the government.

guckylynn 19

I don't have a job and get food stamps. It's currently nearly impossible to find a job and even harder to do so on the schedule of a full time student. I've been trying for three years now and still haven't gotten anything.

you guys have joke majors if you can work20+ hrs a week

#108- Good to know I'm supporting your lazy self. You can't be trying too hard to get a job if you've truly been looking for three years. It doesn't have to be your dream job, just something to get you by while you finish school, instead of living off of me. But sponging off of the system is easier.

It sucks that your aunt died, but I know people who worked their way through school. Work your 20 hours a week, and don't apply for food stamps unless you need them. A lot of people are worse off and still manage to pay for their own food.

Food stamps is a huge thing to me, my mother was a single mother with two kids, and not once had to be on food stamps. Its called working three jobs, try that maybe?

#15, good for your mom. I wish more people were like that, but now people would rather sponge off of people like us and your mother. Why work hard and support yourself when others can do it for you?! Not against wellfare but it's for temporary and extreme circumstances, not just an easy solution.

You pay into that with your taxes when you work a job. Why would you not sign up for food stamps? That's like if someone reached into your back pocket, took 20 dollars out, offered it to you, and you denied it.