By Whybother - 20/09/2016 08:13 - United States - Hilo

Today, I'm jobless and picked up transcription work online. I typed furiously all day. I have made a grand total of $2.06. FML
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That's a start! You might make $4 tomorrow :)

At this rate, you're REALLY going to be able to splurge when you eventually pick up those wrist splints you'll need for carpal tunnel syndrome!


Look into work like dog walking or babysitting OP, at the very least you may make more short term!

You get quite a bit of money for being a nanny. It's a lot of work, but if you start out doing it for only 1 child then it'd be easier, plus the kids nap so you get a bit of a quiet time. You could go nanny at someone else's house, or you could run a daycare from your home. Here in Canada rates are about $40-$50 a day per child. For the amount of money you can get, I'd say it's worth looking into. And, as I've said, starting with just one kid is pretty easy. It's when you get 3 or 4 that chaos really ensues.

Oh, and there's also phone jobs for delivery services (like pizza pizza) where you can work from home, and I think you make ok money. Those kinds of jobs are usually available more so than others. Good luck op!

Keep your chin up, OP. You are trying! Just think of it as one more thing to add to your resume. And typing skills are great to have!!

That's a start! You might make $4 tomorrow :)

Seriously? You'd earn way more than that doing the same work in Central or Eastern Europe.

Last time I checked, two dollars wasn't quite enough to move to another continent.

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I think #5 is saying they should try getting an online typing job through another company/country. One of my friends does that type of work here in the US and gets a couple bucks for 2-3hrs work. Still not at all great, but better than OP got.

At this rate, you're REALLY going to be able to splurge when you eventually pick up those wrist splints you'll need for carpal tunnel syndrome!

Not really a scam. There are a lot of jobs on a lot of sites aimed at taking advantage of people who are REALLY desperate for work by seriously underpaying. But because they tend to have more flexible hours or degree demands, plus the work is "under the table" they more or less get away with it. So, basically no less of a scam than an "entry level" job demanding a 4+ year degree and >10 years of experience.

"Under the table" work could be considered a scam if one of the parties was unaware that they were paid below min wage.

It could also be a job aimed at people who live in an impoverished nation. Someone in Somalia would probably love a &2/day job.

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There's no contract so there's no law for minimum wage. Most transcription sites I've come across let you work when you want so it's very rel

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What type of job only pays $2.06?

Sounds like Amazon Mechanical Turk. I've seen transcription jobs on there too. You have to really work a lot to make even halfway decent money.

It takes a while! Once you get the hang of it you'll be making $10 an hour. I started off really slow also.

That's still below minimum wage! At least where I am