Today, I found out that I’m the only guy in my family that's circumcised. When I asked my parents why they did it, they told me that they wanted me to be “different”. I have 3 older brothers and 5 older cousins. I finally get their helmet jokes. FML

By Why Dad? - / Saturday 21 October 2017 00:00 / Canada - Ajax
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By  She's Got Moxie  |  12

That's a good thing tho... lol

  piinksock  |  17

It's not extra, it's meant to be there. You look like you've got a bit extra nose from your profile pic. Fix it, men don't like it. That's fair to say by your reasoning isn't it?

  Suaria  |  34

Circumcised penises looked better than ones with the foreskin. However I don't see a point in circumcising a penis just because it looks better.

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