By Anonymous - 23/03/2015 23:08 - United States - Sherwood

Today, I had to sit in a three-seat truck between my dad and his best friend on a 4-hour trip to Detroit. It was great, besides their incessant crude jokes and stories, including chafing ball sacks, and naming their new radio station, "Chicks With Dicks Radio." FML
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I mean at least you're going somewhere ni... Yeah, uh, sorry OP.

Might want to invest in some nice noise-cancelling headphones for the next road trip.


Shadowvoid 33

I'm intrigued by this "chicks with dicks radio" if you could get someone to pitch me an idea for it, I may be able to get it on one of my local radio stations. Please leave a follow up

Well technically how they take it is also a personal choice and not open to judgement by others

SilverInGray 25

Yay let's joke about transmisogny.

Shadowvoid 33

Hey, if someone voluntarily signs up for "chicks with dicks radio" and happens to fit the radio description, then by all means that is their choice. I just wanted someone to pitch an idea, not pitch a fit. I'm all for gender equality and what not, but I'm not the most knowledgeable about that subject. I'm only here for humor.

SilverInGray 25

Still transmisogny, which is a thing that literally kills people so excuse me for not "lightening up"

SilverInGray 25

Or the phrase "chicks with dicks" is super transphobic and has been used in that way over and over to degrade and shame people... Oh that is right. Also, the fact that trans women are very very unaccepted and literally killed for being trans women. But yes, I'm just looking to be offended, murder isn't anything important or anything

SilverInGray 25

The phrase itself is inherently transphobic. Most fmls don't have transphobic phrases, no. Others do, sure. Most modern tv shows, movies, make transphobic jokes. That makes it worse, not better.

Next time bring an ipod, phone or something. Block them out

I seriously hope you're a dude because as a female who's been through a lot of that kind of stuff, it sucks.

Please don't tell me you're a girl... Just please don't....

Sounds like oh so much fun. I'm sorry OP, there are some things you never want to think about relating to your dad, nonetheless hear him talk about it.

"Chicks With Dicks Radio"? Sorry, you can't just get away with that, WHAT?!

Was that a "Dixie Chicks" joke?

Self inflicted

Oh quit bringing down your dad's fun with your lame attitude.

Yep, sure sounds like Ohio residents right there.