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By  LyricaSilvan  |  29

She's either hormonal or very, very childish. Either way, you probably won't be able to reason with her. Just slip a note under her door saying "Pinterest has recipes and you are and adult." I'm sure she'll get the hint.

By  Yapiej  |  21

guys stop with the hormonal thing, not every overreaction comes from hormones. if you had a though day and someone upsets you even though you didn't have the right to expect it, you can still get upset. god, don't assume things immediately and blame it on hormones every chance you get.


come on though. she's 20. already had dinner and it's only 9 so dinner couldn't have happened that long ago. she is demanding someone else make a rather labor intensive recipe for her at the flip of a dime. and she's crying because they said "no". who in their right mind would say "yes". there's just to much emotional wreck-ness to just throw hormonalness out the window. It's not normal to act that way even if she had a tough day. Though she could also potentially have a mental illness that affects how she reacts to things. that often comes hand in hand with hormonalness or at least hand in hand with "imbalance". Though in any case, my guess is the sister was thoroughly embarrassed by the next day. If not, things might need to be done to get rid of the spoiled attitude. either by if.its your home or by your parents if both of you still live at "home"... OP shouldn't have to cook on demand. especially when it's not for a meal time. That is ridiculous.