By rmo1776 - / Monday 6 April 2009 06:16 / United States
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By  420hiadventurer  |  0

Normally the fire exits have a lot of signs warning people not to exit because an alarm will sound. But if it doesn't have anything marked it's not your fault, just really annoying.

By  firearmofmutiny  |  0

If it's not one of those doors with the big red bar, it isn't your fault. I hate hotels that won't let you use the stairs without the alarm going off. Sometimes it's much more convenient to use the stairs if you're lucky enough to get a 2nd-floor room. It's not FYL necessarily, it's most likely F the hotel.

By  radge  |  0

That's nice. Now was there a huge kerfuffle of people running around thinking it was an emergency, or just a maintenance guy getting a bit annoyed? Because it's these things that determine whether or not your story was really worth writing on FML.

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