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Today, I had a call to the rodent rescue I run. They wanted to know if we had any mice for adoption and how much they cost. I told them that we had over 30 mice, and that we don't charge but do take donations. They said, "That's fantastic! I've been struggling to find snake food that isn't frozen!" FML
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bekkylove22 tells us more.

Just to clarify, no I did not allow this person to take any mice. Live feeding is illegal in the UK (where our rescue is based) and the majority of the mice we have are ones that came from illegal 'feeder breeders' that were shut down by the RSPCA after being proven to be selling mice for use as live feed. Some of these mice have been hand reared by me from the day they were born if their mother had abandoned them or died herself, so there's no way in hell I would let them go somewhere they would be used as food. Hope this helped anyone who was asking questions!

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new slogan for you; mice are friends, not food

Aww the wonderful cycle of life isn't it intense. At least they aren't just killing them off with traps or poison or worse. Sad reality is that we all eat living things and that's part of the cycle .


I saw a story like this on cheezburger... pretty hilarious

new slogan for you; mice are friends, not food

Ha! Tell that to my cat, she catches them all the time then drags them into the house and ends up a big mess.

i get that too! but the cats ive had they never eat..just endlessly tourture until death

That's what my cats do, except they just chase them around until I can catch them and let them back outside

Aww the wonderful cycle of life isn't it intense. At least they aren't just killing them off with traps or poison or worse. Sad reality is that we all eat living things and that's part of the cycle .

I remember the last cow I ate, he put up quite a fight.

Try tackling a pig in the rain just to fry some bacon, but the chase makes it taste so much better.

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Try telling that to a vegan lol

I don't complain about their lifestyles and if hope for the same curtsey. Besides more steak and bacon for the omnivores.

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#15 Plants are living things too.

Okay.. hey, vegan, shut up.

vegetarian is an old Indian word that means bad hunter haha

It sucks that they don't really understand the purpose you are trying to make. I hope you find actual costumers soon.

"Yeah, those three need to be dressed as Mighty Mouse, Jerry Mouse, and Speedy Gonzales. They'll need it where they're going. That snake won't know what hit him."

Charge him more than the average donation, you obviously have a commodity.

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You don't charge people a donation...

You have a fundamental misunderstanding of what a donation is.

tell them theyre going to keep struggling :))

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I feel a need to donate a trip to the local slaughter house for you .... Or a farm for that matter. I guess Orwell was right and ignorance is bliss .

#13: Grew up on a farm. Contrary to popular belief, farmers/shepherds care for their animals. Any that are destroyed are usually killed in humane ways. A bullet to the brain is a mercy to a mortally injured animal. That said, I hate slaughter houses and the treatment of the animals in them.

It's how those animals act in nature. I highly doubt you would be happy eating frozen meals all your life. You would much rather have a nice hot meal. So let the poor snake have a simple pleasure.

Inhuman for feeding our animals their natural diet? It's really no different from feeding them dead ones, or do you think those frozen mice lived a nice long life and died of old age before being frozen as reptile food?? Fact is some animals eat other animals, it's not inhuman just natural.

I agree wilshite I was referring to how to properly execute a chicken or duck by snapping the neck or two massive bullets to a cow then skinning and bleeding it out properly and processing the meat. Tons of work!


I have 2 snakes and it is a preference to the owner and the snake as to which you feed. I choose frozen because hearing terrified squeaks from a mouse make me cry. I know people that feed live and I am not for it at all because depending on the size of the rodent you are feeding you have to swing it against a hard surface to knock it out. anyone that can do that to an animal is cruel. Or if you choose to not knock out the rodent it could and often does seriously harm or kill your snake. A snake won't kill something if it isn't hungry so a rat who can chew through steel will have a nice chew on your snake. I don't have the time to supervise the feedings, don't want to hear death screams, and don't want a $2 mouse to harm a $200-$300 snake. and both my snakes took happily to frozen, even after my dwarf was started on live. So if the snake doesn't like frozen food and you're totally cool with live food and can supervise the feedings then go for it. if I was the OP I would suggest switching to frozen foods, or ordering mice online or idk go to a freaking pet shop.

The whole point of what I said has escaped you. You eat burgers but eat a living cow sometime. I was pointing out the snake owners lack of empathy towards a living breathing being.

Yep still escaping me of what you're trying to say. Am I any less of a human being because I'll kill and animal skin it clean it and cook it, but you are not cause you sit by until after I do all the work into prepping it ?

You have only made yourself look foolish. Your statements didn't make any sense. Snakes have to eat too. You can't just starve them all to death simply because you don't like their method of eating. Sure, your dogs and cats can bring home dead rodents but the second I feed my snake, everyone is in an uproar. Please take your ignorance elsewhere.


#45 I do not lack empathy for a living creature. I'll cry if I hit a bunny, and I feel terrible when any animal is injured or crying. I can however distinguish between killing something for pleasure (psycho) and for survival. a snake has to eat and the best I can do is give it frozen so at least the mouse isn't suffocated to death. and I would be happy to go out and shoot a cow to eat, but why do that when there is already some packaged? waste not.

Because starving a pet is more humane. I hope you're began making such a statement. When the snake kills the rodent it snaps it's neck. It's a very quick process. A snake starving to death, however, is slow and painful.

As a snake owner whose snake won't eat frozen, I'd rather supervise his feedings than his starvation. Not all animals will do frozen

Well, it's still up to you whether you give them the mice or not..

Just say that's not the purpose of your business.

How did you react, OP?