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Today, I had a box full of crickets in my room. I sealed it up with tape and went to take a shower. When I returned, I found that the box had popped open, releasing almost all of the crickets. I can still hear the chirping. FML
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thank you omg someone who puts 1 and 2 together

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All you people wondering why OP is "collecting" crickets... Seriously? I feel like it isn't that hard to figure out that he owns a reptile.

As a reptile owner myself, I know the pain of lost crickets. I would recommend you place a bunch of glueboards to catch as many as possible.


Then the chirping will be replaced by croaking.

Then the frog would be replaced by a creature that sees you as a pet instead of the other way around.

Was there an old lady that swallowed a fly around?

Why were you collecting crickets to begin with ?

If OP has reptiles they would have crickets for live food

Hunkapoo 19

if you buy them from a pet store, they usually put them in a paper bag, or a flimsy box. this why you should get a cricket keeper if your using them to feed your lizard or something.

I've done this before and it sucks! We have a bearded dragon, and depending on where we get crickets the boxes are sometimes TERRIBLE. We have a plastic (fully ventilated) cricket keeper, but being a new beardie owner I left the crickets alone for a minute while unpacking my truck. Bad, bad, idea...

You really can't assume that it's for the consumption of a pet?

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For use in awkward situations and really bad jokes.

If you find any, put them into a jar or plastic container to keep them from getting out. This is of course only temporary and you should release them soon.

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They're probably to feed pets.

As a reptile owner myself, I know the pain of lost crickets. I would recommend you place a bunch of glueboards to catch as many as possible.

Your comment presented the grisly mental picture of their tiny insectile limbs getting torn out, as you attempt to remove them from the glueboard. I know that's probably killed your appetite, and I'm sorry about that, but does that happen, in reality?

Probably not an image you wanted, but I'm a beardie owner, and yes, cricket's legs are very easily torn. Though I personaly doubt crickets can/would rip off their own legs to escape a glue board.

I also doubt they'd tear their on legs off, but if they did at least you can't hear them anymore since they make noise by rubbing their back legs together :p

I doubt they'd tear off their own legs... I also hope that no reptile owner would tear them off the glue trap and feed them to their pet... glue would probably be left of the insect... plus... chasing the crickets is half the reptiles fun

They can't get off glueboards. I would know. I'm an exterminator and use them all the time. I've never seen any legless crickets.

Calm down, man. They're crickets, not spiders.

Standard crickets are fine, but if it's those creepy as **** black ones, I'm with #5. (Also having lost repitle food in the house before and being a light sleeper, I have definitely reached the "blowtorch" point of rage with the lost crickets in my room on weeknights)

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He can't find some of the crickets so it would be difficult to kill them with fire

you should never feed black crickets to reptiles, they have much less meat and a much harder exoskeleton then Brown crickets. they aren't as healthy for them and can easily lead to impactation in animals which is fatal if not treated

Then he just has to burn the house down... just to be sure he got them all.

That's not going away for a long time. FYL for sure, OP

That sucks but you should've kept them in a more protected box...

Like a fish tank or something. Tape is easy for people to take off but if you have a smaller sibling put the box or tank on a high shelf so they can't get to it.

They probably planned to, the petstores give you boxes a fair chunk of the time but they are terrible cricket keepers. My guess (based on my own actions) is that OP trusted the pet store box a little more than they should've, especially since tape doesn't work well with ALL kinds of cardboard.

#8, That's exactly what happened to me when I had turtles years ago. I hid the box and went to have a shower. My very young sister at the time crawled in to look at the turtles, but heard the crickets and found/opened them up. It was so gross and I got in loads of trouble at the time from my mother!

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How many crickets were there?

owning a lizard in the past this also happened to me