By nomomsonfacebook - 24/06/2013 00:30 - United States - Stamford

Today, I finally unfriended my roommate's mom on Facebook after months of her commenting on my wall multiple times a day and basically stalking me. After discovering this, she drove to our apartment to demand through hysterical tears that my roommate move out because I can't be trusted. FML
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Hi all, I'm the OP. I didn't have an account when I posted this so I created one to respond to some comments. First off, my roommate is my friend from college. We both go to grad school at the same school so we moved in together after graduation. I had never met her mom before we moved in & only accepted her facebook friendship a few months ago because she wanted me to help her plan a birthday surprise for her daughter. I quickly realized she really did it to spy on her daughter/me when she posted things like "where are you guys?" "what are you up to tonight?" "where was this pic taken?" literally multiple time a day. At first I thought it was funny but it became increasingly worrying recently until I decided I felt too uncomfortable & unfriended her. Within five hours she was wailing in my kitchen about how horrible I am & trying to pack my roommate's things to move her out. My roommate was mortified & told her she was being irrational & she left in a huff & hasn't spoken to her daughter since. Thanks for all the funny posts, made the situation much lighter. Now I'm just glad my mom doesn't have facebook!

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Good riddance...she sounds insane.

Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?


Good riddance...she sounds insane.

This is one of the more high quality QQ threads

Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?

Qwermy 16

Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson...

All parents on FML are crazy.

*all parents are crazy

#3 of course... thats why its fml not lml (love my life)

20 - Nah, my mom rocks.

But it is true that some people have fucked up parents. Idk how they survived this long.

We really need a parents section on FML

If your going to correct someone , make sure its right.....

Soniye 14

She needs help ASAP..

vencku 13

Oh well. Who cares. Let her move out. Maybe your next roommate will have a more reasonable family. You have no obligation to keep her mother on your wall. On the contrary, I would never have added her in the first place! It's hateful if people you hardly know, try to keep tabs on you.

vencku 13

The way I phrased that, it sounds like killing and stuffing the mother before hanging her on the wall like a pair of antlers or deer's head. Obviously I meant FaceBook Wall, or just FaceBook in general. Ahem.

Why were you even friends with her in the first place?!

Just because the mom's a nutcase doesn't mean the daughter is. And it's not fair to punish OP roommate for her mom's actions.

#6 means why did OP have the mom added.

MzZombicidal 36

Hopefully your roommate realizes the craziness in her actions! Or that you can easily find another. Good luck with the rest of the aftermath, OP!

F your roommate's life! I can't imagine what it must've been like growing up with a mom like that.

I know - I would have called an exorcist for that woman long ago!

deepunder 17

This sounds like someone I know... *runs upstairs* Hey mom, does this sound like you? Mom-No!!! I'm just making sure I know where my kids are and what they're doing at all times. It's called parenting?

Wizardo 33

Yep because you're the one tracking her every move, sending messages at the wrong times and being socially retarded on a social networking site... makes so much damn sense.

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Maybe its good that your roommates moving out...