By nomomsonfacebook - / Monday 24 June 2013 00:30 / United States
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Oh well. Who cares. Let her move out. Maybe your next roommate will have a more reasonable family. You have no obligation to keep her mother on your wall. On the contrary, I would never have added her in the first place! It's hateful if people you hardly know, try to keep tabs on you.


The way I phrased that, it sounds like killing and stuffing the mother before hanging her on the wall like a pair of antlers or deer's head. Obviously I meant FaceBook Wall, or just FaceBook in general. Ahem.


Just because the mom's a nutcase doesn't mean the daughter is. And it's not fair to punish OP roommate for her mom's actions.

Hopefully your roommate realizes the craziness in her actions! Or that you can easily find another. Good luck with the rest of the aftermath, OP!


This sounds like someone I know... *runs upstairs* Hey mom, does this sound like you? Mom-No!!! I'm just making sure I know where my kids are and what they're doing at all times. It's called parenting?

Yep because you're the one tracking her every move, sending messages at the wrong times and being socially retarded on a social networking site... makes so much damn sense.

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