By matt5th35hit - / Saturday 9 May 2009 08:16 / United States
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And by the way... This was not a FAKE experience. It scared the living shit out of me. I admit...I didn't know anything about the ocean or rip "CURRENTS" but now I do. Thank's for the knowledge guys, I've lived at the beach for 4 years and never swam in the ocean because I didn't like swimming in the ocean. Now u see why. There were NO lifeguards...This was at CAROLINA BEACH!! Just outside of Wilmington NC. If you know me, yup..I'm a dumbass for this. It's funny you say that. The water


That must have been awful, but I'd definitely rather be humiliated while naked on the beach than to end up drowning.


Pretend that you are a merman who just was transformed into a human so you could marry the girl you loved.

That would've been such a sight... This reminds me a scene in X-Men or something when some old guy is walking naked on the beach.

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