By matt5th35hit - 09/05/2009 08:16 - United States

Today, I almost drowned in the ocean after being sucked into a rip current. When I finally managed to make it back to shore breathless from all the energy it took to get back, I looked down and my swimming trunks were gone. I was crawling on the ground naked in front of a hundred people. FML
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matt5th35hit tells us more.

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And by the way... This was not a FAKE experience. It scared the living shit out of me. I admit...I didn't know anything about the ocean or rip "CURRENTS" but now I do. Thank's for the knowledge guys, I've lived at the beach for 4 years and never swam in the ocean because I didn't like swimming in the ocean. Now u see why. There were NO lifeguards...This was at CAROLINA BEACH!! Just outside of Wilmington NC. If you know me, yup..I'm a dumbass for this. It's funny you say that. The water WAS murky and choppy. It ran along side a big ass pile of rocks that stretched out into the ocean. I didn't want to hit the rocks though for fear of injury. Fighting the rip current was a dumbass idea. After I ran out of energy trying to swim I just gave up and floated on my back and the waves helped push me back to shore. I really didn't give a shit about people seeing my dick. Im a sexy beast. haha


That must have been awful, but I'd definitely rather be humiliated while naked on the beach than to end up drowning.

Who cares if a few people saw you naked, @ least you are alive.

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I wouldve probably liked to have been there;) Jk :p

Pretend that you are a merman who just was transformed into a human so you could marry the girl you loved.

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The bad thing is that if he said he loved her, he'd turn into sea foam...

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But, aren't you happy to be alive?

oh man dude that sucks, ocean can be a scary place. but at least you're alive.

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where are all the sexy lifeguards when you need them?

You almost died, I'm sure your lack of undergarment is minor in comparison be thankful you are alive.

That would've been such a sight... This reminds me a scene in X-Men or something when some old guy is walking naked on the beach.

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its better than being dead!