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Today, I again failed to convince my girlfriend that the $100 in our account is the minimum amount we have keep there to avoid being charged by the bank. We have a joint checking account, and the only way to take her off it is to close the account outright. FML
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Hey everyone, I see a lot of people in favor of the "close it outright" option, but of course I forgot to mention that in order to do so, we both have to go in and agree to close it. The only reason didn't do that ages ago is because I haven't come up with a way to convince her it's for the best, and since I DO plan to commit to her, I don't want to upset her.

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Opening a joint checking account with someone to whom you are not married is a bit stupid. Opening one with someone who doesn't understand basic banking is downright ludicrous.

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Well then, seems like we already have a solution, don't we OP?


1dvs_bstd 41

Well then, seems like we already have a solution, don't we OP?

Am I the only one that read the comment, looked at the picture, and immediately thought, "LETS KILL THE BITCH!!"

Opening a joint checking account with someone to whom you are not married is a bit stupid. Opening one with someone who doesn't understand basic banking is downright ludicrous.

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Always ask yourself: will my SO be with me in 5 yrs? If you can't answer "yes" automatically, then some precautions are in order.

I'm even iffy about having a joint account with someone I'm with long term. That way if one of us screws up we're not completely ******.

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I agree with #20 - I've been with my fiance for over 5 years and we haven't even considered a joint account.

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You never want to open up an account with someone your not married to, unless it's a common law marriage, but you should still be careful.

we have an account each and a joint savings account for furniture/repairs etc. works well for us.

I have a joint account with my fiance and it works extremely well for us. Actually all out accounts are joint, we only need 3. Maybe it works so well because I somehow ended up in charge of the money for the most part.

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My fiance and I have a joint account. Had it even before we got engaged. Some it works for, others it doesn't.

Sometimes, it's best to not open one under any circumstances. I've been married for 13 years and have never had a joint account with my husband. We split responsibility for the bills, and never have to borrow from each other - it works very well for us. OP may want to consider not jumping into a joint finance situation so quickly.

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Sometimes opening a joint account while you're married isn't the best idea, been there done that, have the t-shirt.

Speaking as one whose credit has yet to recover from a financially irresponsible husband after 19 years of marriage, I would advise against getting joint accounts with anyone at any time. Sure, it works well for some, but you never know for sure until it goes bad. The number one thing that couples argue about is money. Any way that you can avoid those fights is a good thing. Once I get my credit completely repaired, you can bet I will NEVER intertwine my finances with anyone again.

I agree with the second part, but why is it stupid? Some people never get married. OP and his girlfriend might have been together 15 years, you just don't know. Just because they aren't married doesn't mean they're any less responsible or committed to each other than a couple who is.

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Right. Even my husband and I don't a joint account.

My partner and I only opened a joint bank account as we are from different countries, and it is a requirement for visas, residency application etc to have a joint account as 'proof' you are in a committed relationship. However, we each maintain our own bank accounts, and just use the joint one for shared bills (insurance mostly).

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Sounds like a new account may be in order.. Or a new girlfriend

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So close the account and make a new one with just you on it. She's not ready for a joint account.

She doesn't sound ready for her own account.

Leave it, just get a second account, put your money in that one without her name on it

he would still be accountable for three late fees. it might still teach her a lesson and protect the rest of his money.

I'd say close the account and make her get her own. Plus having your own has its own benefit like if you break up she can't take your money away just saying.

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What made you joint an account with your girlfriend? You guys can beak up. It is best if you just get your own account.

I know, if they don't have kids I'm voting YDI on this.

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why have a joint account with anyone. you could get a divorce or break up.

19- what does having kids have to do with it?

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eaxctly having kids does not mean yoy need to have a joint account. i have a son and i am married but we just split thr bills so we are responsible for different ones. the money flows freely between us but dont see the need for a joint account. we have a joint isa but it isnt used really.

Unmarried couples with kids split up less frequently than those without kids. So it's a tad less stupid to open a joint cheque account in that situation. A tad.

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anyone can split up at any time. there are no factors that make that leas likely apart from time and even then there are married couples who have been together for 50 years and then split. while i dont want a joint account personally part of a relationship is risk taking and trusting your partner. if it doesnt work out then thats just the way it goes sometimes.

Maybe it's just for rent and home expenses?

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Every squirrel(you) finds a nut once in a while.. Haha, good luck with her.

I recommend getting separate accounts if she can't understand something as simple as that. Would save future rows!

And future bank charges. Well for him anyway.