By Midge - 16/03/2010 23:03 - United States

Today, as I was pulling out of the school parking lot I was blasting my music and feeling pretty awesome, I got a few honks and felt even cooler. Until some lady pulled up next to me and told me I had left my binder on the roof and all my papers were all over the road behind me. FML
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YDI for being the douchebag who feels the incessant need to subject everyone else to your (probably crappy) music.

At least u got the attention u wanted so badly.


956TXking 0

how does having loud music make you cool.....

loud music=deafness, which tends to equal snoring (from my experience) which is not cool ;)

exactly ydi

FYLDeep 25

Maybe if you're the one preforming the music, but not in OP's situation.

aznpersuasion863 0

# 1 and # 6 are rite. also YDI for trying to act cool

Peacemaker9 7

soooo op on a scale of 1-10 just how stupid do u feel rite now? I'd say that ur feeling pretty much a 10 rite now...... lol sucks to be u!!!!! ****

He was probably bobbing his head like those guys on Saturday Nite Live while he drove, thinking "Oh yeah, I'm cool". What a D bag.Ha.

Jrook 0

I think cool is best replaced with "tool"

agreed jrook. what a tool.

#65 Your totaly right.

kaykay07 0

if u can drive, you've blasted ur music at sometime. and u feel really cool if you have a n awesome system, like myself.

it doesn't they're just a poser!

vonniboo093 0

lol he got a few honks

The OP sounds like the epitome of a douchebag, except that she's a girl.... a women douchebag doesn't seem right....

To the scale of 1-10 guy: You're an 8

956txking - how does taking pictures of yourself make you cool?

Pumpkin226 0

I read an MLIA about a girl running over a popular girls binder who left it on the ground. Fake or you guys are both lucky enough to get stories posted. Weird.

ElegantSadist 0

you deserve it for being one of those douchebags who blasts music while driving

^Yes. next step, drive a monster truck or an extremely loud motorcycle.

sarcasMystic 0

people like you annoy the HELL out of me, swear to God. at least blast some decent music instead of that crap that people these days listen to on the radio.

ifmyheartwasahou 2

I know 109, that annoys me to death! Those people next to you at the redlight that have that extremely annoying music. But it's funny if you see them singing along.

it says the op is a girl... awkward

sarcasMystic 0

actually, 79, a female douchebag us a douchebagguette.

The only place it is acceptable to "blast" your music is on the freeway. Anywhere else is just douchey.

I guess it compensates for their lack of driving skills.

good luck with coursework ;)

If you have to try to Act Cool...... you're NOT!


pronounciations 5

lol, that's not cool, that's just being a douchebag.

KRS_13 0

Why was OP's binder on the roof anyways?

urheaps KOOL

flurffmeister 0

needs moar trapper keeper

Yes! Trapper keepers!

JamesM9794 0

lol rebellion doesn't pay, I learned that early, btw i'm 15

cubanchick 0

wow aren't u super cool


aaaww aren't u just the big boy now

well i would say YDI for trying to act cool like all the other people, but, your papers flew away, and i know how that feels, it sucks, no matter how it happened, so FYL.

tehrealone 6

Is an exorcist happening in your house 64?

Cryspyboxman 0

you have no one to blame but yourself. stop complaining. life isn't about looking cool

YDI for being the douchebag who feels the incessant need to subject everyone else to your (probably crappy) music.

kaykay07 0

are you serious? get-a-life. it's an fml. it's supposed to be funny. I'm sure all of you has done stuff to be cool and it backfired. OP just decided to tell people about his embarrassement.

Sorry #72, but #10 is right. People do things to be cool, but if you're the ass that thinks blasting your crap music for everyone else to hear, you're a douche. And no matter how badass your sound system is, only other assclowns who also blast music obnoxiously think it's even in the same city block as cool.

Superstar_T 0

stupid muthafucka

ugly mutha fucka

MF12 0

are you trying to copy mermaid?

Superstar_T 0

who is mermaid

fat muthafucka no good blood sucka

CrazeDblaze 0

at least you got a good excuse... I tried to be cool by turning up radio and people honked... turns out my homework was getting blown away

fualignment 0

this is the dumbest fml post I ever seen