By Midge - United States
Today, as I was pulling out of the school parking lot I was blasting my music and feeling pretty awesome, I got a few honks and felt even cooler. Until some lady pulled up next to me and told me I had left my binder on the roof and all my papers were all over the road behind me. FML
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  Pumpkin226  |  0

I read an MLIA about a girl running over a popular girls binder who left it on the ground. Fake or you guys are both lucky enough to get stories posted. Weird.

  pronounciations  |  5

lol, that's not cool, that's just being a douchebag.

  lyssannexo  |  0

well i would say YDI for trying to act cool like all the other people, but, your papers flew away, and i know how that feels, it sucks, no matter how it happened, so FYL.

  kaykay07  |  0

are you serious? get-a-life. it's an fml. it's supposed to be funny. I'm sure all of you has done stuff to be cool and it backfired. OP just decided to tell people about his embarrassement.

  fmlpostthing  |  0

Sorry #72, but #10 is right. People do things to be cool, but if you're the ass that thinks blasting your crap music for everyone else to hear, you're a douche.

And no matter how badass your sound system is, only other assclowns who also blast music obnoxiously think it's even in the same city block as cool.