By rebecca - 10/03/2009 21:31 - Austria

Today, as a bartender was carding my friends, I excitedly asked if he was going to card me. The guy gave me a blank stare before finally replying, "Look, lady, I don't have time to stroke some middle-aged woman's ego." I asked because it was my birthday. I just turned twenty-one. FML
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Ok seriously I MUST see a picture of you after reading that.


HAHA that sucks but pwned. try another bar?

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total ownage....I never get carded and I'm only 19.

If it makes you feel any better, my sister gets carded and I never do--she's 22. I'm 14.

What a douche! I hope he was kidding/I hope he didn't actually say that. That could be grounds for termination.

Maybe the lighting was unflattering...? In any case, don't expose your skin to too much sun and and be sure to clean, tone, and moisturise frequently.

LOL, I find this hard to believe. Bartenders are really flirty so they can get a lot of tips.

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