By beatenbyabum - 12/06/2009 20:45 - United States

Today, a man came up to me at the bus stop. He went into this long story about how his girlfriend is pregnant and they both haven't eaten in days. Trying to be tough and funny I said back, "sounds like you should invest in condoms instead of food." He responded by beating and robbing me. FML
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Hello Folks, I'm the OP. Because of the character limit I couldn't get in all the information so I just left the guts of it. The hobo that attacked me is a guy who's come up to me before and has had different stories. He's either: A vietnam vet (despite he's about 30), a broke composer, or the pregnant one. I finally had enough and decided to say something other than "Nope, no change". I don't care how malnourished anyone is, a swift kick in the nuts and you're going down on the ground. So I've now been beaten by the smelly hobo, The other people at the bus stop were helpful enough to sit there and watch me get beaten and robbed. I've reported it to the cops, so we'll see what happens. (Keep up the comments, they make me smile, even the rude one's who don't seem to notice their hypocrisy calling me a douche or a dick or whatever when all I did was pretty much the same thing. A hypocrite is a legless man who teaches track.)

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You should have just gave him a couple bucks in the first place to buy food for him and his wife and child. But you decided to be a dick, so he took beat your ass. Do you really think a starving pregnant woman and her baby is worth joking about?

A legless man teaching track isn't hypocrisy, it's irony.


favourited just for no.1's comment. ROFL. " what the hell?"

why doesn't that dude get some Obama money? spread the wealth

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There's already been stories like this on FML - but nice try.

If this is true FYL, and YDDI (Don't deserve)

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He does deserve it. Thats harmful for the baby not to eat. And the OP is a douche for trying to make a joke out of it.

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4, stop trying to make YDDI happen. It's NOT gonna happen!

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If it's not fake, I'm afraid YDI. Don't mess with 'them shady folks'.

you probably should have guessed that the dude was unstable.. but maybe he had planned to rob you and decided to beat you off because of what you said (wich btw was freaking true)

Some people... Maybe you should borrow some balls and protect yourself?

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Were you drinking a strawberry frappucino? Also, TENTH!