There's no justice

By Anonymous - 30/09/2011 02:54 - United States

Today, my car got keyed because I was parked in a handicapped parking spot. I'm handicapped. FML
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dragon0000 7

Maybe they thought you weren't good enough to be handicap (sorry epic fail)

MizzErikaHart 8

You say they keyed your car because you're handicapped? Doubt it. I'm sure they just keyed your car cuz it was a car to key.

Good enough to be handicapped? I don't think anyone would be "good enough". Maybe unfortunate enough? Handicapped people are some of the strongest people I know, mentally. Unless you're handicapped because you're obese. Then, just go **** yourself.

Guessin OP failed to mention that they forgot to hang the handicapped parking pass.....

1 what is considered as "good enough" for handicapped people.

What the **** are you trying to say, handicap people aren't "goo enough".

Wait holy crap I miss rea that comment.... That made no ******* sense at all

Lol fyi ugly aint a handicap! ( i dont mean this just really wanted to say it):P

Maybe OP didn't have one of those stickers that prove the car belongs to a handicapped person. Not sure

Being fat and being handicapped are different.

112- In the United States, being overweight can classify you as disabled, and you can receive a handicapped parking permit. ****** up you ask? Why yes, yes it is!

It is. My mother had to wait until she had two open heart surgeries to get just a temp. one.

That's not cool...>=[ Maybe someone thought is was someone else!

omfgfmlife 0

maybe they keyed it to key it. i doubt it had anything to do with your choice of parking. maybe you arent a very likeable person :o. just a theory *and here come the thumb downs ._.*

rexgar2000 10

or maybe someone got him/her back for something.

Haha maybe the cop didn't get their donuts and coffee

lexex1 4

You should stick to playing xbox.

marpay 11

I highly doubt that a police officer would vandalize someones car.

Seems like you didnt get your donuts and coffee either.

Didn't you have that handicapped slip out?

often people have it on their license plate and the person probably didn't look there and since he didn't see the parking pass thing on the mirror he did something stupid

Yeah people tend to be reeeeaalllyyy stupid now adays and tend to act out on anger and aggression... It's pretty sad.

gazzdogs 5

exactly. how do you know that is the reason?

gazzdogs 5

Why did you feel the need to repeat exactly what he/her just said?

alstbv12 13

Yeah 10! Why DID you feel the need to repeat exactly what he/she just said?

alstbv12 13

Oh damn. 19 you just had to go and trick me with your "he/her" tomfoolery.

fallsupstairs 6

I wish 10 was showing a little less boob in that picture... *shudder*

I wish 42 wouldn't show her disgusting belly button ring.

I wish people would stop commenting on people's profile pictures, hop off of Freeze's comment, and stop acting like childish idiots.

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wish 64 didn't show how anime freak he was

13FTW 9

After reading these comments, I completely forgot what the FML was about...

gazzdogs 5

DAMN IT! he/her? What the hell is wrong with me. (my previous comment)

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amanda_smith54 4

How do you know that's why they keyed you?

Right. It could be that they don't like you because you complained when they threw you out of the lift. WTF is wrong with people lately? I don't think a handicapped person deserves extra special treatment but damn, keying a car over a parking spot? Only pricks who park their Jags sideways deserve that!

That's what I'm thinking. Maybe. Just maybe. They don't like handicaps and keyed it Bc they don't like handicaps

Jamicianprince 1

Sorry man but keep your. Chin up