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By  thehaystackerine  |  20

nice park job

By  bogolopian  |  12

I'm giving YDI. You heard the crash and didn't investigate. Karma for not thinking of others. Obviously those around you had the same attitude as no one there to tell you about who hit you. I do hope though there is a camera and he/she is caught as hit and run is a low act.

By  Lobby_Bee  |  17

In a big shopping center parking lots there's always security cameras. It could help, but most security cameras have the same video quality as the footage that shot Bigfoot.

By  ztodaro  |  23

Update: I read several comments about security cameras and looked into it. Turns out a huge pickup truck slammed into it and drove off. I was able to get the license plate and the police are looking into it.