By kiwi023 - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - Canada

Today, I spent an hour cleaning my already-clean house to avoid any form of conversation with my boyfriend. FML
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jmoreno 4

Somebody needs to either break up or make up

iamray 2

wanna clean my house while you're at it?


Maybe they're just fighting and nothing serious is wrong in their relationship. I clean when I'm mad too.

If you're avoiding conversation with him, why are you with him? Just because your house is clean I doubt he's going to come home and be completely silent.

loller27 6

looks like you need a new boyfriend

Op, Release the welcome mat of hatred out of your heart and let him into your Windex world. Talk it out. Yeah, I went stoned for a moment...

That actually made sense to me... o_o

Makes sense

Happy Valentine's day!

That's sad. What's so bad about a 'how was your day' 5 minute convosation? but I guess every one has their reasons

Devin91 20

You need to cut him loose if you have to avoid talking to him. That's just plain ridiculous

He doesn't talk to you while you're cleaning? Why you chose not to talk to him is beyond me. If you needed a cool down moment, you should be able to just say so.

badmike89 6

Lmao I need one of these woman I keep seeing on here my house would never be messy and there would be make up sex twice a day