By kiwi023 - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - Canada

Today, I spent an hour cleaning my already-clean house to avoid any form of conversation with my boyfriend. FML
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jmoreno 4

Somebody needs to either break up or make up

iamray 2

wanna clean my house while you're at it?


jmoreno 4

Somebody needs to either break up or make up

What a b****. That's just friggen rude, FHisLife not hers. Break up, not make up. She should get her ass dumped.

#22, maybe the only thing OP's boyfriend ever talks about is how messy her house is and that she should clean it up. So if she cleans it up, it eliminates the possibility that he'll bitch about a dirty house again. (hopefully) It's a case of "I'll just do it so he'll shut up"

25-it's an "already clean house".

25 is that Jetts gym? If so we may go to the gym together. Which jetts do you go to? BRO-HOOF.

26, A clean house can always be cleaned a little bit more. She could have gone to the extremes... Ohhh a Perth user! Nah man, this ain't Jetts. It's just a gym belonging to the city of Armadale, and I just use it because I got a free membership to it :p

We've been over this 3 times previously :P Couple years back, though. Mint bro, looks well similar to a Jetts gym unna. Why armadale? You live out there? Do people still say CHYEHH DARDZ out that way? :P

Sorry man! I tend to forget! But yeah it would have been a while ago as I just started commenting again recently. Hahaha ahm I live in mt.Nasura, 15 min drive or so from armadale, but yeah I got the membership free because I work for the city of armadale (lifeguard at the public pool) And yeah it does look like a Jett's, I recon because of the red theme? Which jetts you use? Hahah the natives down here still use "chyeaahh dardz" and "dardy" haha

"natives" :P Usually the Midland one, so I'm in no position to point and say "gym in the slumps!" :P But I need to go bigger cause I'm maxing the 40KG dumbbells for chest press and bent over rows :( You seen the gym called "Muscle pit"? I laugh every time I see that name. Though I'm thinking of joining. :P

deeters 0

Fish for compliments on how much you can lift In pm^

Happy valentines...

46 - I use the mobile FML, if they add an inbox system on here, I'll start inboxing and if you're lucky, I'll start flexing too. Don't be mad that a social site is being used for social networking. *flex*

Idonebeenhad 17

You should have baked. All the eating would have kept him preoccupied. Get back in that kitchen, woman. Trollface.jpg

FruityLoooons 8

Pff I love the 'bro-convo' between CareFace and marinus, despite the thumbs down on each post. They just don't give a fuck, haha. xD

Today, I was too much of a pussy to tell my boyfriend I didn't want to talk to him. Wahhh. FML

chaoticxxxmess 3

67- "bro-convo" = love connection

musicluvr2000 11

Lol so funny when people start convos on FML

edibleamazing 4

I actually find this to be a good arrangement . The house gets clean , and the boyfriend dosent have to listen to her bitch about everything

iamray 2

wanna clean my house while you're at it?

leilaostara 1

and mine ;)

MetalxSoldier 26

True that, she might as well become a maid and make some money while she's at it! Come on woman, make that dough!

Jakesterk96 8

45- A little too far.

markrs 0

Cinderella! Do the already clean dishes. Ciderella! Wash the already washed clothes. Cinderella! Mop the already clean floor. Cinderella! Cinderella! Cinderella!

Couldn't you have come up with a better excuse? Like telling him "I can't talk to you because I'm a total dumbass" works fine

You really need to work on that relationship. But atleast your house is squeaky clean

It aint clean until it's like chrome clean from spongebob

Buttsexpirate 9

Hmm I thought couples were supposed to talk with each other, not avoid the talking?

It's valentines day and you don't want to talk to him? Dafuq?!

DaKillaMafia 2

Took the words right out of my mouth, da fuck?

It probably wasn't Valentines day when OP first posted this.

imababeee 0

sex and make up. it should work :)

Why is it that people today think that sex is the majority of a relationship.

It's ALL 16 year old girls think about.

Why would she want to "make it work", if OP is willing to spend energy on something she doesn't need to do to avoid even talking to her boyfriend? Unless, you meant that OP's boyfriend is the one who should put on make up...

chaoticxxxmess 3

Yeah...sex will totally fix the rough patches in OP's relationship. *rolls eyes*

shot3 0

Heck ya, I'd hope so, I'm 16

That bad huh?

TDD228 2

Uhh..... time for a new boyfriend. At least your house is clean though:)

you should break it off...dragging him along is not fair to him

toenibbler 14

Seems like you've got some thinking to do about your relationship with this guy. Good luck OP