By anon - This FML is from back in 2016 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I was eating at a diner one of my friends from work recommended to me. I ordered a chicken salad sandwich, which was pretty good despite the used Band-Aid in it. FML
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My first instinct was to complain and try and get more free food... Thinking about it that's a bad idea

That is so gross. Sorry you had to experience that, OP


roys1girl 18

Yup. Just threw up.

That is disgusting. Hopefully you got a refund. My question is how the cooks didn't notice that! I think that if your friend recommended the place that maybe you just had bad luck with it. Still gross though.

Ewwww what the heck.

aaaaahhhh... yuck yuck yuckkkkkk... :-/

hipposteve 21

GROSS! please inform the restaurant of the mishap!

What was the special .. Scabs and Eggs? Or was it the Facial hair pasta? haha. Yeah that is nasty , good one.

obvious_lee 9

Hmm... I see you're an American... you should've swallowed the band-aid, choked on it, and sued the diner for pain and suffering! Why? Cuz 'murica, that's why.

CliffyB03 28

One time I got pantyhose from Walmart. I went home and tried them on, to be sure I bought the right size. I felt something in the foot of it, so I reached in, and pulled out a purple toe nail clipping. My toes were painted pink at the time.

I think the bandaid was the one that give the good flavor

Obviously this place has never heard of those little finger condoms, as they're nicknamed in the industry.