By Anonymous - 3/8/2021 05:59

Superspreader event

Today, my son had a fever and bad cough all night. Turns out he has RSV. My friend's baby, whose birthday party we went to a few days ago, also has RSV, and had been sick all week. She knew this and still went through with the party, without informing any of us parents. Now my baby is on breathing treatments. FML
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  Laura Taylor  |  2

No it doesn't at all. If she knew her son was sick why is she throwing a party? pandemic or not that's plain assinine. A friend of mine did that 7 years ago when her son had Pneumonia and never told any of us and my 3 yr old got it. Not ok.

  ChipBoundary  |  9

We're never NOT in a Pandemic. There's always some sort of disease running a train on the population. Pandemic or not, voluntarily spending time around people when you are knowingly sick is a dick move. Doesn't matter if it is the common cold, the flu, or anything else for that matter.

By  Yummi_913  |  18

My baby just tested positive for RSV yesterday. She started daycare last week and was there for all of 2 days before I pulled her out (for serious safety concerns) and then she ends up with RSV. I'm so upset. We couldn't get to a doctor over the weekend and it has been an uphill battle. Everyone in this house has contracted it at this point and we're all miserable. I just cleaned 2 cups worth of breastmilk curd and mucus off me that she threw up. The doctor said she should be fine by tomorrow... fat chance of that happening. Today's probably the worst I've seen her. I'm really starting to get worried and the doctors say there's no treatment they can give us.