By Gloomzz - Latvia - Riga
Today, my mum is on a week-long trip. Everything was fine, until I realised she forgot to leave me any money. Now I'm out of food. FML
Gloomzz tells us more :
Hey everyone, I'm the OP, not sure if this will work as a follow-up since I wasn't logged in when I posted this, but I'm going to try and explain further anyway. First off, I want to say that this is wouldn't have happened IF my debit card worked, since my mum could just complete a bank transfer. For the people saying that this is a bluff - we are a very healthy family and only eat organic food, which gets spoiled quickly (I am also on a strict diet because of health issues and can only eat certain foods). I borrowed some money from classmates as school is still going, so I should survive the week. #4 My neighbors didn't though
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  ragnarok1540  |  39

No! Dogs have been mankind's companions and hunting partners for thousands of years. He can eat the fish, the parrot, the bunny, and maybe even the cat ... but definitely not the dog!

  anyagrande  |  31

How the heck is eating dog different to eating any other animal. They are all animals, it makes no sense how you can find eating a dog disgusting yet you probably see no problem with eating pig??

  tygerarmy  |  35

Eating your dog is kind of like eating your baby. Now if I'm starving I won't say I won't do it, as you said, they're all animals, and they even do it in other cultures, but I'd prefer to eat other people's babies. Me and the dog could spilt it.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

Different cultures. As someone who grew up seeing dogs as companions only, I would never eat a dog. However, people in other countries are raised seeing dogs as food. I'm not vegetarian, so to say it shouldn't happen would be hypocritical, though all animals should be killed as humanely as possible.

  jnugzzz  |  6

Eat the neighbors is obviously a joke, but eat the dog could be real advice. Probably why they received different responses

By  frankmz  |  17

Hopefully you have family that live near by and you can walk there. Even better if you have a bike or scooter. These are the moments in life when you realize you need great friends in your life.

  why57why  |  21

I'm sure that if he just explains what happened like call her or something then the mom could like give them the credit card or at least reimburse op when they got back

  soactually  |  4

Yes. Yes I did have my own bank account and money as a teen, at least enough to keep me fed for a week. I worked odd jobs for neighbors and saved up for emergencies. Are you really telling me teens don't do that any more?