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By 19kwhatever - This FML is from back in 2013 but it's good stuff - United States - Mount Vernon

Today, I told my family I'm going shopping with my friend "Emma". My sister's been teasing me about this saying, "Emma can't exist! She's not real! You don't have any friends." She's right. FML
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We'll be your friends. The Internet is huge.

I would go shopping with you... but I'm not sure if I exist either.


itsgen 16

I'm sorry to hear that OP! :/

wlddog 14

It is never a good practice to lie.

I'm sorry but... What nuts? Who said nuts, unless it's a jar of nuts I don't see how "nuts" are applicable. You my friend, are nuts.

itsgen 16

It's never too late to stop begging for attention :)

We'll be your friends. The Internet is huge.

Internet friends are the best because if the situation gets awkward or the conversation dies, you just log off. No awkward stares or anything.

"No awkward stares" until they find out where you live.

37- you don't get out much do you?

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The Internet is huge.

oj101 33

Forever alone.

vencku 13

Why do you even bother lying about that? If you're that concerned about it, go make real friends. If you don't want friends, don't bother lying about it either.

Make money instead. Then friends will come.

I have to say I agree with #4, of you want friends go out and meet people. Pick a new hobby or take a class and meet people with a similar intrest and talk to them. When you meet some one who you are comfortable with maybe he/she will introduce you to his/her friends, if they are allright you will build up your own social network and become their friends. I have gain a very close group of friends that way. I say give people a chance, perhaps they will give you one to.

Sometimes it's not that easy. It may be hard for her because she may have a self esteem problem, a mental illness, or may be extremely shy that prevents her from doing that. I know that that is the case with me. For years it was extremely difficult for me because of said things but I've learned ways and tried to break out of my shell. Anyways OP. Chin up! You will make friends! Just always hope for the best! I have faith in you! :)

vencku 13

I'm not saying it's easy, I'm saying there's no point in lying about it. Even less so to close family. They know you don't get calls or receive visitors. Obviously they'd see through the deception. Why do you even try to impress them anyway? Not like they'll kick you out of the family tree.

Oh okay 24, I totally get what you're saying and where you're coming from. Maybe lying about that to her own familt was wrong and unnecessary. I just think it's kinda mean for people to assume and just say "just go out and make friends".

It's not easy to make friends. I have major self confidence issues, think I'm too weird or ugly and I have been ditched by so many people that I genuinely have a hard time talking to people, and since my family has financial issues as well as medical problems I don't get out much. People I love have told me to just "go make friends" and it's "not that hard"; You DO NOT know OP's situation, please do not be so quick to judge.. And as for the lying to the family, it's hard to tell people when you know they will just tell you to go make friends.


i understand how you feel I usto be very shy and almost didn't speak at all and didn't have many friends until one day this girl started talking to me and made me hang out with her friends. I eventually started to enjoy talking to them and wasn't so shy any more. a year later she did move schools and the group feel appart but I stopped being so shy thanks to them. I know going out and finding friends is never wasy but all I can say is if one day people try being your friend don't push them away it might end up beibg a great friendship.


haha I misspelled almost everything, my bad, it's late and I'm tired and sleepy. Please forgive me!

The whole FML website is based on assumptions, all comments are basically asumptions. But like others and I have said, avoiding most forms of social contact will lead to solitude. I am not saying it is easy to make friends/gain social contacts. But as it is with all things, one has to play an active part, despite other issues. People may not know of your personal issues and may come over as rude, but once you make good contact they are considerate most of the time, if not they are no friends.


and #27 if it makes you feel any better I'm sure you would make an awesome friend! also I too am not good looking and I am weird in so many ways that you might be normal compared to me!

vencku 13

27 - I didn't say it was easy. But lying won't help. I don't even say OP should necessarily make friends. However, this FML is based on a lie being seen through. I doubt there would've been severe consequences if OP said she had no plans and saved herself the embarrassment she is now upset about.

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Sure you can make new friends, but people don't always want a new friend.

Money can't buy friends. Your "so called friends" will be with you for the money and when you run out your friends will be gone quicker than they came.

Get a cardboard cut-out of Emma Watson and go shopping with her. Done.

I would go shopping with you... but I'm not sure if I exist either.

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I post therefore I am. As for you, well, you might be a spambot.

You are both here solely for my amusement. I am the walrus.

Wait.. Emma is not real? Who have I been going shopping with then ?

pastispast 7

I bet that your sistet has an imaginary friend to. It's okay to create that lie for your sister to get of your back. I will be your friend.

Yea! Let's get weird, #9!

#9 who are you and what have you done with grammar?

pastispast 7

I'm an imaginary friend.

that is a bit scary lol

iLike2Teabag 27

Why is that scary?

My name's Emy.... I'll be your friend! Don't mind the mustache, I'm not actually creepy in person. I only touch little boys.

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So inappropriate

? I think you might have contradicted yourself there. But I guess you were trying to make a joke..

Whoops, Auto-correct I meant consenting adults.

I feel like all horrible subjects should be treated with a humorous regard. It takes away the power for the experience to inflict lingering pain when you can laugh at it, this spoken from another victim. All of the bad things that have happened to me in life have been treated with laughter, because it neutralizes the awful feelings that would otherwise make my life less pleasant. If you're offended, as a victim, I apologize..But I do think that giving horrible personal experiences the power to offend lends more harm than good to one's emotional well-being. That's just me though.

To the defence of miss Sushi, I say that one is free to make any joke, however inapropriate, however the reception of said joke always varies. Personally I believe that once you start to live in a place where you can't say or joke about certain things, it becomes scary. I think intent is more hurtfull than content of words/jokes.

43, I feel like you made it even worse for you by trying to defend your comment. And 44, it may work in certain situations - for you. Everybody is differenr. But the fact is, in this situation, it's not appropriate to make jokes like that

Then tell me how someone on the internet may know that someone else, perhaps on the other side of the world might be offended. Is this a reason for self censorship? Not for me at least, like I said, I think intent is more hurtfull than the actual words. I don't think that she joked, just to offened people.

I'm not defending myself. I apologized to the person that I offended, explained why I don't censor "taboo" subjects, and clarified that I, too, am a victim of child molestation. My sense of humor isn't everyone's cup of tea, but those people aren't my friends. People I get along with understand my point of view, and those who don't can try or decide not to. Really doesn't make a difference to me, I'm not affected by it.

49- In person, one can usually get a read in whether or not someone else would be receptive to a certain kind of humor. At work, we all make "innapropriate" and distasteful jokes, because it's part of the culture. Online, it's a bit different sometimes. Everyone's offended by something, and it's fine if someone chooses to let a joke ruin their mood, that's their right. I really don't mind it.

I think you have issues..

Who doesn't have issues?