She's not wrong

By 19kwhatever - This FML is from back in 2013 but it's good stuff - United States - Mount Vernon

Today, I told my family I'm going shopping with my friend "Emma". My sister's been teasing me about this saying, "Emma can't exist! She's not real! You don't have any friends." She's right. FML
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We'll be your friends. The Internet is huge.

I would go shopping with you... but I'm not sure if I exist either.


Why don't you try making some real friends instead of making one up?

We don't know her situation. Something might hinder her ability to go out and do so. I mean she felt it necessary to make someone up.

That sucks, but if you don't lie you won't be berated about it. Just say you're going shopping, you don't have to make people up

mimiminx 23

You should have just asked your sister to go shopping with you then you wouldn't have needed to lie

Well, then go out and make some. Don't show your true self until you're really close

Pffffft!!! Who needs REAL friends when the imaginary ones are so much cooler? Now if you'll exuse me, me and my friend Duncan, the friendly samurai werewolf, are going to ride my dragon to the mall for a little shopping spree.

I'll be your friend !

chrisp87 11

That's pretty sad perhaps you should try and find some friends. I'm sure there are plenty of girls named Emma who are willing to be your friend.

You put too much stock in the opinion of others. There is nothing wrong in finding socializing hard. You should be able to enjoy your own company without feeling you need to lie and make it more than it is. Someone who's opinion I value dearly once said to me "if you can't enjoy your own company, why would you expect anyone else to enjoy your company"

How can Emma not be real? I'm right here OP! I'll be your friend!

Might want to go ahead and start your cat collection.