By hurikan68 - 27/07/2010 23:25 - United States

Today, I requested two hours off for tomorrow afternoon. My supervisor and manager called me into the office to talk to me about how important it is to be in the office as much as possible. A little later, my supervisor told me that for budgeting reasons, I have to take 3 non-paid days off. FML
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that's when you throw a bitch fit

FFML_314 11

Take advantage of those days off. Go have some fun.


that's when you throw a bitch fit

cbr600_fml 0

that's when u tell ur supervisor to go F himself

Confused? Me too.. Maybe get a new job?

956TXking 0

suck it up op

Arsonnist 3

Apparently you're disposable...did he at least explain how important it is for you to kiss his hairy ass?

Mickay1232 0

#3 win lol and op I'm srry to hear that!

Agreed with #1. Be a big girl about it.

No doubt.

You do understand why they did this, right? They saw that if you were willing to take time off when it's imperative you be in the office as much as possible, of course they picked you out of everyone else to take unpaid days off. Who do you think employers would cut first? The employees who take time off, or faithful employees that show up to work for their full hours every day? Makes sense to me.

if she needed the two hours off for a Dr's appt her boss should not care & be understanding. I'd suggest whenever she requested that to do it in advance and arrange to make up her hours later that week. But it could just be a coincidence that she has to take unpaid time off; the economy sucks for most companies!

twinny_sc 13 least you get those two hours off now :D sort of a win, right?

I was thinking the same thing

See now you get like 36 times what you wanted!! :)

FFML_314 11

Take advantage of those days off. Go have some fun.

Chrisskiies 0

why pay to get turned on, when you can pay to get satisfied?!? lmao my message in no way condones prostitution.

FFML_314 11

Wow! LOL, Chris you're such a strange fellow.

Chrisskiies 0

Read the discretion!!

Goodness gracious!~ Sounds to me like your bosses just don't know what they want!

SirWhatsHisFace 0

Lock them both in an old, smelly bathroom, with their ankles chained to the pipes, and give them dull hacksaws. That will teach them a lesson.

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isn't that from saw?

katiesmurph 5

25- win!

#25 beat me to it :(

take advantage of it, have some fun.

Haha, that sucks.

SettoFail 9

that's dumb as hell.

makeworldpeace 0

Well at least you don't need to work. For three days, OP. It's like an unintentional extended weekend. How in any way is that an FML?

He's losing money, darling. In this economy, days off you didn't ask for are horrible!

makeworldpeace 0

Haha, okay. But OP can still take advantage of those days. :p

fuck him!!!!

jchansfan 0

That's a terrible idea. Especially since he said nothing about the supervisor being into dudes... :P

Yes, that's the only solution. It might even get you a promotion! Bring plenty of Astroglide...

jchansfan 0

I'm kinda scarred for the poor unsuspecting Supervisor now... D:

#24 in what meaning?!

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at least u didnt get fired for "budgeting reasons" XD