Same joke, different year

By joleezad5 - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States - Nixa

Today, while watching the Olympics, my father found it completely necessary to make a farting sound every single time an athlete jumps or bends over. This will be a very long few weeks. FML
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Your dad is awesome!!

I first read it as he farts anytime an athlete farts or jumps over and thought, WTF, how does he fart so much.


Going for the golden....cheese.

There's gotta be a better way to mix an Olympic joke and a fart jokes.

All I can think of: Jumping hurdles to avoid the gurgle Swimming laps can cause the splats

You can't blame me for trying. Let's see you come up with a good one! >:V

No offense 1, but that's not funny or clever at all.

Phelps's secret is actually his ultrasonic farts. More beans, and he would have won that first race.

screw being like 7 feet tall and having flipper feet, all you need is beans!

I tell you, form got nothing on farts

#1 you're going for the golden fail

Just go to a different room. But my family is weird too, don't let it get you down.

Not everyone has televisions in every room of their house..

20- who says he has to watch TV... I would be happy doing pretty much anything if the alternative was to watch the olympics while my dad was making fart sounds...

40 - that's true. Anyway he could just google the results if he was really curious.

Or he could watch it only. Most TV networks stream that stuff online now. All you need is Internet and a computer, which almost everyone has at least 1 of now a days.

I don't think it was OP's dad. It's likea cattle farm in london right now...

Your dad is awesome!!

At least he is funny! Not nearly enough laughter in this world!!

I immediately thought of OP's dad as Peter Griffin lol. Pffft, heyahhahaha

#50 my first thought too hah!

If the Olympics had a farting game, your father would win the golden medal.

I say join him. Don't let him have all the fun.

You have no sense of humor if you think that's an FML, OP.

If you really want it to stop, then do something to out gross him.

sounds like a cool dad

Best keep the windows open :D

he's not actually farting, just making the noises

hehe raising the roof... in two different ways :P

I do the same thing to members of my family. Your dad is a boss.

Might make the Olympics better.

The Olympics are amazing. Have some pride in your country.

For me, the olympics aren't amazing. I don't really care about sports events. There's probably other people who feel the same way but that's just me.

24-someone can have plenty of pride in their country without watching an endless array of sports... the two aren't correlated

I like the concept and all but I can't possibly spend so much time in front of the tv watching competitions I'm not too thrilled about, some are great, some are a's about personal choice not pride.

I first read it as he farts anytime an athlete farts or jumps over and thought, WTF, how does he fart so much.

He makes a farting SOUND. Read next time before you comment

91- You dumb ass, they said "At first." YOU need to read before commenting.

And a very fun few weeks! I love the Olympics!!

Be sure to point out the trail of bubbles in the Olympic swimming pool.

He's definitely gonna end up sharting his pants.

Reread the FML please.

Oooooh it says farting "noise"... I thought it meant he literally farted everytime haha :p