Run for the hills

By fuck this shiit! - 15/06/2022 02:00

Today, I found out why my fiancé waited for me to meet his family. We had dinner at their place, the women were not permitted to talk while the men were in the room, also no eye contact with the men, and we had to eat separately. He says he wants me to learn to be a good and decent wife from them. FML
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GET OUT. Once that ring is on, you're going to meet a whole new husband and this life will be enforced as law. RUN


Sonotsuave 34

Why are we even talking about this? Bye there’s the door, run out of it.

Get out now. Block him on everything.

Sell the ring. Pawning just gets you a short term loan on an object you might want back.

sell the ring and use the money to run, FAST

slhiggx 17

You’re going to regret not leaving him before you signed those marriage papers.

kitten79TX 5

Uh. Tell him that while that may be the custom in his family, it's not going to work for you. Make sure he knows that NO WAY in Hell are you ever going to be like that. Get couples therapy NOW before you get married, and then reassess this whole marriage plan.