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By Hotmama - 30/01/2017 08:00 - United States

Today, I was nice to my son's friend. He's 27 and needs to get a life, so now he won't stop texting me and flirting. I will have to escort him back, not just to the "friend zone", but to the "I'm twice your age and your friend's mom zone." FML
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I would be flattered, but also weirded out. I mean on one hand he thinks you're smoking hot for your age! On the other he's your son's friend.

Goblin182 26

On the other hand he is 27 and pretty clueless and very needy if he has to be escorted back to the friend zone.

Your age is not an issue -- lots of guys are into MILFs. If your son is already friends with him, it'll be so much better if he becomes his step-dad or at least an "uncle ;)"

Awkward, but it could (probably not) work out for you if you wanted it to...

TMO2142 25

This is just weird in so many ways, good luck. oh and dont forget to block his number.

player69badboy 0

Being nice to you doesn't mean I want to sleep with you. This is an epidemic, jeez.

bobsanction 18

Nothing wrong with older women, or friends moms.