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Today, I got sick of my in-laws always dropping by when my husband was out. Turns out he asked them to check I didn’t have anyone there. When I confronted him, he created a new “rule”. I can either have my mother-in-law stay full time or I can stay at their house until he gets off work. No, I’ve never cheated. FML
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Get out of there in the safest way possible.

Google 'Coercive control' then call an abuse helpline to professionally confirm that your 'husband' is an absolutely massive, dripping arsehole. You need to get the hell away from this bunny boiler and his family. There's no talking to or reasoning with this kind of crazy so don't bother. Just Document everything for the divorce and get yourself out safely.

one of THE biggest parts of marriage is trust. you're serving a jail sentence. if you're recently married, run now cuz he'll only get worse. if you've been married for a while then go to marriage counseling to find out why this has started happening. the fact that his parents are in on it is not a good sign. I suggest you seriously get a plan together to get out. seek out advice from a layer, document everything and if you have to, contact local law enforcement for a safe escape. good luck!

Hahahah, holy shit, what a massive controlling douche. No, YOU tell HIM that either he cuts that shit out and gets a grip on his massive insecurities and need for control, via therapy if he has to, or you're out. I generally don't like ultimatums, but damn, does this situation warrant one. If you let him have his way you will never, ever be allowed to be you again.

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hmmmm… something smells fishy here… never cheated, or haven’t been caught yet? there’s a reason he’s not trusting you and I see everyone’s failing to mention that….

Or he's projecting. He's cheating and, since he does it, everyone does, but only he is "allowed" to do it. Or he's just a total piece of shit.

Seems like @that dude you know is projecting too.

Buddy that’s some Olympics gold mental gymnastics. Controlling people don’t need a reason or even common sense to fly off the handle.

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Every accusation is a confession.