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By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I noticed a man in my neighborhood waving at me. I don't talk to him often so I excitedly waved back. Turns out he was trying to warn me of the car about to hit me. FML
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Maybe something more than a ******* wave would've been able to warn you. I've got a pretty loud voice, and even if I didn't I'd be able to find the switch to scream at someone to atleast get the **** out of the way.


BarDownDaily 12

Did he warn you in time? Otherwise this could be a more serious FML!

Let's hope OPs not writing this from the hospital!

Or the morticians just stole his iPhone and are having a laugh.

n_epic_fail 14

Aw, don't u have nice neighbors :)

farnsworth 3

Well I'm sorry that he wasn't from Canada Op because we all know how to yell out "car"

Nice neighbors? I would consider the neighbors civilized, not nice. They could be insanely rude people for all we know.

Was the driver of the car blind? If so, press 1. If OP doesn't look both ways before crossing the street, press 2.

Damn_Hippster 11

What I don't get is why would the guy wave to OP instead of yelling "look out for the car!"

Jakesterk96 8

I didn't know the international sign of move out of the way was waving....

Alright are you people dumb or what? Op obviously did get hit because when he tried to warn Op, Op didn't realize he was warning and not waving. So instead of moving out of the way, Op waved back and thus got hit by the car.

So 60, If I wave back to someone I automatically get hit by a car?!

I think OP was hit by the car. Let me explain why, sensibly. 1) It's an FML. It wouldn't be one if he just stepped out of the way of a car. "Today, I dodged a car that almost hit me. FML" 2) The OP didn't realize what the neighbor was waving for (until it was too late, or so the FML implies), so how would he have been able to dodge? 3) it was in a neighborhood. Where I'm from, neighborhood speed limits range from 25-30 MPH. I'm sure it's not very different than that anywhere else, so it's not really a deadly speed, especially if the driver attempted to stop, which he may have. 4) If it was a bonecrushing accident, and you got laid up in a hospital for a while, what would you do to pass the time? FML.

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43- insanely rude neighbors would have pulled out a phone and recorded the whole thing... While laughing their asses off.

60, You do know that Op is a female, right?

I hope you did a super-dramatic James Bond roll out of the way once you noticed the oncoming car. Then your neighbor would tell everyone about your cat-like reflexes and how badass you are.

Aww I didn't mean to thread jack. I accidentally ended up replying to this comment somehow.

OP didn't get hit cos this fml is bullshit...

Do I have to explain this again!? Go read comment 60 (reply to comment 1)

Or or or, OP noticed the car split seconds before it hit and did a super dramatic James Bond roll out of the way. Ok in all seriousness, OP could have noticed and moved, or the driver could have used common sense and decided to stop. OP most likely didn't get hit so quit your blabbering.

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Op is from north Carolina. They just voted a guy who resigned from congress due to funds misuse as their republican candidate.

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61 There is nothing to indicate that she got hit.

Maybe she did die and it's a zombie writing the fml

"Today, I wrote an FML about getting hit by a car. From my grave. FML."

Rddvl 11

A bit too imaginative, don't you think?

Anyone else notice how this fml is copied off an old one?

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Cool! Maybe you should get together and have an orgy! And how about planning your love fest in PM's! Sounds great!

93- are you making the assumption that everyone who has an xbox has xbox-live? And if you are asking just because she is a girl, then that is just sad and you should just stop. Leave your house from time to time and make some real ******* friends.

93- Uhh I don't know you 95- Hello my fellow Ontarionian :)

Actually it never said she got hit by the car so dont assume

In this case, assuming is pretty justifiable. It is an FML for a reason. Basically--"Today I bought a knife. I know have cuts on my arm! FML" Wasn't the knife, ya dumb, don't assume.

Maybe something more than a ******* wave would've been able to warn you. I've got a pretty loud voice, and even if I didn't I'd be able to find the switch to scream at someone to atleast get the **** out of the way.

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You really need to pay attention

Did you get hit? If do I hope you are okay and didn't get to seriously hurt and if not at least u werent hit ?

If he was seriously injured...how the hell would he post this fml...

SystemofaBlink41 27

By logging into FML and posting it...

Always keep your eyes on the road... "2/3 One of us is dead... Shh"

So are you FML-ing because your neighbor was trying to help you out but you misunderstood and felt awkward or did the car actually hit you? If it didn't, you should go thank your neighbor. I'm pretty sure he feels bad if you mistook his helpful gesture and were actually injured.