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By allycat - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, after a year of suspicion, I finally found out my sister is in a cult. My family's response? "It'll be good for her." FML
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id get suspicious of the rest of them.

Just2BMe 5

wow... interesting family you got there



she shaved all her hair off? D:

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sorry, but it's mind cancer...

I think you've confused OPs sister with Britney Spears

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I'm sure it's in her CULTure.

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

did anyone else immediately think of assassin's creed when they saw the word 'cult'? nope? okay then ;)

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Have you not tried the kool aid? it's amazing

59, Just don't mind the rat poison box next to it.

enonymous 8

I thought those were the after dinner mints. **** no wonder why the hamster in my ass died

Are you sure it was that way round? lol

Oh yeah, ripping off goat heads and drinking blood while chanting demonic incantations will be terrific for her...

eminemchick 19

65 the song goes "shove a gerbil in your ass through a tube." not a hamster. you did it all wrong, now you have to hold the ceremony again.D:

maybe when you told your parents about it, it sounded like, "My sister got a colt." If not, be afraid. Be very afraid.

"Mom, have you noticed anything different or strange about Stacey?" "Like what, honey?" "I'm not sure. It just kinda seems to me that she has considerably less hair than yesterday. Close to none." "Well she does seem to have trimmed her bangs a bit."

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lol. I actually ate rat poison once. I told death to kiss my ass. she did. I got to live after giving he multiple orgasms. with my toes.

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59 I laugh EVERY TIME I see your profile pic. Nicely done.

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not all cults are like that!!! -___-

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113 o Why hello der... How YOU doin Mrs Finland? Glad to have global supporters to the super troopers cause

damn, I've been infiltrated. I must eradicate this initiate immediately

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cults cannot be good regardless of how they are :P

Just2BMe 5

wow... interesting family you got there

So interesting their story ended up on FML.

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C.U.L.T.S ***** Under Legal Trappers Supervision

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just hope she don't try to sacrifice u for her leader

what a stupid family. they probably dnt know anything about cults..wellmaybe a little but..cults are scary creepy to me so.. i have no idea where im going with this 'reply' so um... bye?

sxe_beast 11

87 - Did you take speech lessons from Kristen Stewart??

gofferurself 10

Cult is simply a word for religious grouping. Technically, Catholisism or Baptisism or sunni are cults. There is nothing wrong with being in a cult, most of the world belongs to a cult. Now a satanic cult or doomsday cult can be bad news, but even still, they are not all like Hollywood makes cults out to be.

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@152- Cult defined: A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

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115. I once saw a cult on doctor Phil. The leader brainwashed the cultists to disband from their families.

Upon further investigation, I found that "cult" can refer to a religious OR secular group, while "sect" is almost exclusively religious. Hence my earlier confusion.

Cults, the number on way of expressing who you really are.

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what's the difference between a cult and a religion? About 500 years.

jackiemoonthepro 5

hahaha that's not even funny

First rule about Fight Club, don't talk about-- oh shit

26 - im glad you stopped there. would have broken the first (AND second) rule.

TheRealHouse 7

26, don't even insinuate that fight club is a cult!!! It is a revolution! the evolution of modern man!! his name is Robert paulson, his name is...


id get suspicious of the rest of them.

One that worships SATAN!!!! m/! They headbang all night long and burn pictures of Saline Dion.

if the family said that it's good for her, imagine how ****** up OP's sister was before the cult. OP didn't post any information concerning his sister's behavior before the cult, maybe it's good for her.

The kind of cult that gives money to charity, probably.

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Better believe they got koolaid chillin in the freezer.

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yea 49 I forgot cults are good for people.

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It's the family cult. You're the weirdo not in it.

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it's harsh that I don't want someone to drink poison kook-aid and die... weird...

Why FYL? Are you scared of her trying to convert you?

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**** his life because his parents don't care

Kn0wledge123 21

AND lots of cults end with people sacrificing themselves to go be with the space entity Zorco. She could possibly kill herself and others for the leader and the fam don't give a shit. Even saying that it's "good" for her, leading to MORE suspicion that THEY are also in a cult. FYL OP.

Of course, nothing builds a sense of community like a good old-fashioned cult! Haha, good luck to your sister...