By InconsiderateMuch - 16/06/2013 18:11 - Canada - High River

Today, my boyfriend bought another expensive bong to go with the one he bought last month, along with his new phone, airsoft gun, and various other things he's blown our money on this year. He's bought nothing to prepare for our son, though, who's due next month. FML
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Honey. He obviously does not care about his son. I say leave him because you don't want someone like him raising your child.

I'm not going to lie, and I'll accept whatever thumbs down this gets. Both OP and her boyfriend are complete and utter irresponsible idiots for smoking pot with a baby on the way. You don't smoke or do drugs when pregnant. I don't know if OP smokes, but if her boyfriend does, then the baby is getting some too.


First! Anyways that sucks...fyl

Honey. He obviously does not care about his son. I say leave him because you don't want someone like him raising your child.

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That's a deal breaker

I'm not going to lie, and I'll accept whatever thumbs down this gets. Both OP and her boyfriend are complete and utter irresponsible idiots for smoking pot with a baby on the way. You don't smoke or do drugs when pregnant. I don't know if OP smokes, but if her boyfriend does, then the baby is getting some too.

I honestly don't think the solution to every tough domestic problem is to leave right away. This eagerness to abort years of hard work love and communication over one serious difficulty is why our current divorce rate is so high worldwide. Family counseling could fix a lot and save even more and especially save the child from having to grow up without a father. if alternatives fail then leave. Don't just complain a little and jump ship.

Pretty sure this isn't a case of communication and love suddenly going wrong. This is in all likelihood a case of two young children not making good decisions and getting pregnant. The fact that he's been making these choices over the last year when she is only 8 months pregnant leads me to believe she decided to trap him and hope he would act like a man when she said she was pregnant. Well here's to hoping it all works out but I won't hold my breath!

#21 Exactly! Another reason why I think she should leave! Smoking of any kind is harmful to pregnant women and babies. And there's the fact that it seems like she hasn't even tried to sort things out with him and his frivolous spending and pot smoking. True he might get his shit together when the baby comes but from the sound if it, he probably won't.

21 where does it say that OP smoked pot? Her boyfriend for sure is an idiot for doing it (assuming he's not going to quit when the baby comes) but it doesn't say that OP smoked anywhere

21 is saying that no one in the household should be doing that while OP is pregnant.

It doesn't say it outright but why else would someone own a bong? Or two in this case.

Sorry, you kind of CAN judge some asshat who doesn't care about their partner or unborn child. Actions speak louder than words and his are SCREAMING his indifference if not resentment of both of them. PAtheitc selfish twat.

jem970 19

Yes you can! Second hand smoke of any kind is bad for pregnant women. IDC what people say about pot, it DOES hurt babies and effects their development.

21 said that they don't know if she was smoking pot. Before you criticize, you should read the whole comment.

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21, well said. respect.

Harshdfml - I think it's safe to say that the boyfriend is a moron for spending all that money a month before his child is due. I would give him a snowball's chance in hell of actually growing up.

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YDI for letting him do that

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Also I say this is a FYUCL f your unborn child's life . This is sad indeed

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I think both parents are idiots. Him for obvious reasons, and her for sticking around after he continued to waste their money. Which brings me to another point - she said "our" money, not his. I would never let someone spend all the money I earned & saved for a child on irresponsible and frivolous things. FYL for having a deadbeat for a boyfriend, but YDI for letting him get away with it for so long.

Not to be an annoying devil's advocate here, but yes let me be an annoying devil's advocate -many people say "I would never ley my bf do xyz/ never let him get away with..." How do you intend to stop him or prevent him without running away and breaking up your family, or via violence, or getting the police involved, or simply somehow without a difficult, lose-lose process? Is it really as easy done as said? Does OP really deserve this financial abuse? Is it as totally in her control as you suggest so that the results are 'deserved'?

I don't know about you guys, but if I were having a baby with someone I would try my best to work out the relationship. Some guys like shiny new toys. These people are young. They clearly just need to have a discussion about money, not child custody... Assuming they love each other, suggesting that she run away to be a single mom with a new born because of this seems like an overreaction when there are other options.

Agreed ^ and she obviously didnt object to him buying a bunch of crap for the course of a year. She could have noticed his irresponsible spending and gone to the store and buy the Necessary items before he blew off all the money.

bamagrl410 31

137 - If you're earning money yourself, then it's absolutely in your control. My paycheck is in MY name, and if I CHOOSE to share funds with someone, then it's exactly that - a choice. If it really is "their" ("our" in the story) money together, that indicates that it doesn't all belong to him. She has the ability at any time to take her money and put it elsewhere, especially if he's her boyfriend and not her husband. Sure, leaving may not be the easy option, but if it's the best way to make sure the child is taken care of properly then she needs to be a responsible adult and do so. Her life shouldn't be about her boyfriend at this point, it should be about her child.

I know some people who have a kid with deformed hands because they did drugs during the pregnancy. I feel sorry for OP's baby.

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Not once did she say she did drugs. Wtf is wrong with you people???

royalsgrl 14

Not once did she say she smoked pot or had pot smoked around her and her unborn child. Why does everyone jump to conclusions??? Ya I agree he shouldn't be spending money on that stuff. But come on read the post and stop adding your shit you think she forgot to put?!?

Which doesn't necessarily make OP an idiot for the pot, just the boyfriend. But as you stated, it's unknown whether she smokes or not. She should really get out of the relationship though. If he doesn't care about the baby now will it really change once the baby is born?

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He bought a freakn bong. I agree dump that loser

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op never said that she smokes.

You all completely overlooked 37. She's the only one who knows what's up, the way I see it. #37, you're the real MVP

that's terrible, you should talk to him. people deserve nice things, but not frivolous spending sprees.

Soniye 14

That's cz they're both inconsiderate -.- no lie and I'll accept the thumbs down this gets but it goes both ways &- OP should just own up to it too if the money is both of theirs like she said then why couldn't she return all the useless bought items or bought her baby anything herself >.> like for reals .. How hard is it for her to save her money .. This is WHY some people shouldn't breed especially when they're not ready and it's not the baby's fault but oh well some people like to play the victim instead of being responsible for their actions.

If he was blowing all their money, then she likely HAD no money to buy things for her baby. Also, few places allow returns without receipts anymore, let alone used items, so it'd be difficult to return them. Also, though she says it's their money, it's entirely possible the boyfriend is the one working if she's that close to giving birth. So while they consider the money belonging to both of them, the boyfriend could be the one actually making the money, which makes it likely that he has the most control over what happens with the money. Sounds to me like neither OP nor her boyfriend were prepared for a child. 140 does have a point in that OP really should have taken control much sooner upon seeing that her boyfriend has no intentions of becoming an adult and taking responsibility.

Soniye 14

Yeah well currently I've become a stay at home mom to both my sons and my husband makes the money and I'm the one in control of the income he makes so I guess OP just isn't assertive enough either way she needs to start now before things get much worse there's still a chance a low one at that but a chance for them to change their ways and put their son first

Just because someone doesn't work when they are 8+ months pregnant makes them not assertive? Wth

Soniye- Some punctuation would help me understand you better.

Soniye 14

201- you're stupid. Hope that's enough "punctuation" for you. 190- she doesn't have to be 8+ pregnant to be assertive it's her own fault for deciding to breed with a person who's not ready and also if she was making income as well why couldn't she choose to throw her money in the bank and spend it on her kid .. JS ! Pretty sure before she took time off from work due to her pregnancy she had income under her name but decided to give it to her boyfriend who is no longer her priority. All in all I feel bad for the baby.

The problem here is you're basing your comments all on assumption.

Hey dumbass, not all places do returns. And please use a period, or three. My brain was out of breath after reading that mess.

How is 201 stupid? They meant periods and commas, not apostrophes. You're an idiot.

Oh shit :s that's gotta suck op! Lets hope he can pull up his socks after he's born :) congrats btw :)

This is the reason for all those kill it before it breeds memes.

Too late for that now, unfortunately..

Well I'd say it is, since he already got her pregnant.. All we can do now is hope the child gets his mothers smarts and maybe kill it before it breeds (again.)

though, most of those memes involve ugly people. not irresponsible ones...

From what I've seen, they mostly involve idiots.. But I'm sure there are many that do not *shrugs*

Slenderman98 5

Ditch him

And take away his credit card.

You can say goodbye to that kids college funds.

In Canada, it's "University". OP is from Canada. I don't mean to offend, just to correct.

We have colleges and universities up here

Well not all of us are from Canada.

Canada has colleges and universities (as previously pointed out). You shouldn't be correcting people if you don't know what you're talking about.

Time to speak up and talk to him about it! Fyl :(

He's obviously not responsible to him about it and if nothing changes well...leave him and his toys.

my_name_is_earl 9

I say don't provide any money for him anymore and if he doesn't want to provide for your baby try your hardest to :( I'm sorry you're in this situation but do your best and I'm sure you'll be a great mommy and I hope you get help from family and friends for support