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By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States - Conover

Today, a woman at work was complaining about her weight. She looked pretty thin, so to make her feel better I said that she looked small. She said, "Well, you haven't seen me naked." For some reason, I replied, "Not that you know of." FML
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That'll make her check where she changes! No more getting naked in front of an open window for her.


That'll make her check where she changes! No more getting naked in front of an open window for her.

Unless she's into being peeked at. She may do it more often in hopes of OP seeing more.

Yeah, I don't know anyone who likes being watched while changing, do you?

Shrouds 14

Me, u can peek at me anytime you want.

If I can watch them change in return, they can watch me change all they want. ;)

Driblets 8

82- do those Hentai characters watch you change? And if so would you like it? :p

If I could watch them change they can do anything they want.

omg i wouldve laughed so hard lol. did she get mad at you?

No she thanked him.


Shrouds 14

You so purrrdy.

lhazz11 23

Trixie Tang? Is that you?

Well said!! I love it.

Rodger, is that you?

"Gosh you're pretty"

Thank you #87, but you haven't seen me naked.

Not that you know of!

Hold. Brb. Dying of laughter.

No, come here now!

4 - I'm holding. What do you have to say?

Shrouds 14

Is that like a new way to say "Stop. Hammer Time?"

If I could thumb down more.....I would.

That is where you would play it off with a random and made up backstory!

insertnameherr 11

There's no way to play it off.

Well that's a little creepy and possibly embarrassing for both.

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

her name is jesustits...

No it's not. It's jesustitts.

zen1979 16

Captain Obvious is just her rank and division.

LiterOfCola 16

And that reason is that you installed a video camera in her bathroom to protect her from burglars while she shits?

Well I got the two past FML references and thumbed you up, even if no one else did. Very good

Cassandrax731 5

You've just made yourself the pervert among your co-workers!

Lol I woulda pissed myself laughing. I assume she took it badly.

Haven't I tought you anything? Never confess!