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By Anonymous - 27/03/2020 14:00

Today, I'm in the coronavirus-vulnerable group, so I asked my friend to go shopping for me because I'm in need of food and toilet paper. They came back with a bag of icing sugar, even though food and toilet paper were available in the shop. Forty minutes later, the shelves were stripped bare. FML
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Completely-clueless-cum-coronavirus companion, eh?

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Completely-clueless-cum-coronavirus companion, eh?

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I’m so sorry your “friend” has done this. You need and deserve better friends. I’m in the vulnerable group (but not the extremely) so can’t get priority on delivery and such. It’s looking like Uber eats and deliveroo for me atm 😔 and this is exactly why they are still allowed to do their job. So when we are let down, we can still get something. Even though it’ll be much more expensive 😒

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Icing sugar? Is that another way of saying cake frosting? Wait so, you’re stoner friend went shopping for you? Ok, you had it coming.

You know there are way to have groceries delivered to you.