By owowowow - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - Canada

Today, I found out how much it hurts to be shot with a paintball in your open mouth. My mouth was only open to say I was hit. FML
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ydi for not wearing a mask


friggen idiot, dude theres a thing called a mask


ydi for not wearing a mask

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#1 Is right you should have worn a paintball mask. Then this wouldn't have happened.

twinny_sc 13

Masks are for sissies & girls!

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dude ur weak hah jk but paintballing is fun

How does that even happen?

A person opens their mouth and someone shoots a paintball at it. Hope that explained it for you, #13.

azhein 0

why would you not wear a mask?

the_flirtt 0

13 probaly hasn't been paintballing

I Soviet Russia it sucks

did it... taste good?

twinny_sc 13

3, yum?

Yeah, thanks. Just thought it was pretty much common sense to wear a mask.

enternamehere77 3

op might have meant just the paint because the paint can go through the slits on the mask

the_flirtt 0

men don't wear mask ^_^

If you were wearing a mask this wouldn't have happened you tard. but at my old field they used to sell cases of grape scented precision paint, too bad it didn't taste like it (yes I tried it haha)

Well OP there's a lesson I this, their not flying skittles, they hurt and they taste bad

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YDI for playing paintball, which is an idiotic game. "Let's go shoot eachother with painful balls of splattering paint that will ruin anything we're wearing, and give us bruises, what fun!" sorry, no offense to paintball lovers.

I like airsoft better. but ouch I can imagine how that would hurt XO

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yeah #1 is right! you stupid!

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35, white power.

36 you don't really understand the sport, but most people with that mindset never change so there is no point in persuading you. But there really is a lot more to what you are listing :P

the_flirtt 0

wow captian

Maybe you should shut your mouth more often.....people might like you better and not want to shoot you in the face

twinny_sc 13

47, Australian power biotch.

NoelZ 0

60, you can kill yourself now.

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at least it wasn't your dick

twinny_sc 13

No thanks, I'm quite fond of living.

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65 that's y a cup was created

in Soviet Russia, paintball plays you.

WingsFan80 4

LMAO at the money shot

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Common sense says, if somones pointing at you with a paintball gun, don't stop and say hi, haul ass away from them. O.o

Arsonnist 3

ydi for not finding out how it feels earlier. Ever heard of double tap? That's for zombies though so nevermind.

Arsonnist 3

So unless you're a zombie, ydi.

LeighMoreno 0

LOL, Captain. :P. Yep, your ass is pretty much the worst place to get shot. Like, directly in your ass.

omg I feel bad for you!! D:

956TXking 0

where's raleigh? btw while paintballing I got shot in the back simultaneously at close range by three kids. :O

agreed. airsoft is better and more realistic, especially the gun designs. they hurt just as much if not more with some guns shooting over 500 fps.

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#85 - What do you mean where's Raleigh? I'm right here. :P

YourEvilHero 12

screw the rules I'm rich

Read again, 31. The paint wouldn't hurt going through the slits of a mask.

real men dont were cups # 68 id rather wear a mask an not get me eye shot out then get hit in the nuts

sounds like someones just a weenie ha.

the_flirtt 0

well idk on that one

that was to #36 btw. and that was putting it nicely aha.

the_flirtt 0

wow Riley that's cold

re-read his comment and you'll agree with me!

the_flirtt 0

hah wow ya he's a puss

so.. op.. did you swallow or spit?

my thoughts exacty.

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hah got ya

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haha nice

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my bf is obsessed with pb. he's a mask whore. lol. but yeah ydi.

#36- I'm a girl who is dating a paintball obsessed boy and I went with him and had a blast. Your clothes don't get ruined- the paint Is water-souloble but that's why you also don't wear good clothes. Don't knock it until you try it. :)

you can get shot in the fuckin eye if you don't wear a mask- so you can be a "man " with one fuckin eye or one sighted eye:-) enjoy!

almostpro 0

actually he could of been wearing dye i4s which I have and if he has a big head it doesn't cover alot of your chin and a little bit of his mouth

I want to give the guy that made that shot a high five. No mask=no sympathy

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always wear a helmet. I know a guy that was blinded by one

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agree with #1

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you must be retarded or something. masks are made for people that want to see. if you really fuckin played paintball you would know that. YDI. this really shouldn't even be on Fmylife

agree with 102

even when you wear a mask if the paint gets in your mouth it is disgusting and paintball is awesome

36 must have no life.

Toxxic_Blackout 0

actually, I do have a life. that's why I have better things to do than get attacked by paintball for fun.

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"I got hit by dic-" *gargle*

How do you know they weren't wearing a mask? I got shot in the mouth twice wearing a paintball mask. The bars near the mouth only break the ball, the paint and shell still hurts like hell.

haha durp! bit really though even with a mask on it feels like you got slapped in the mouth when it hits your mouth area on the mask, trust me lol I'm a doctor. haha

and I got bunkered in one of my tournies and shot in the Adams apple from a foot away. suck it up you pussy and quit cryin or don't play the sport.

164 so anyone who plays paintball has no life?

Toxxic_Blackout 0

nope, I never said that. but apparantly anyone (aka the majority of the world) who doesn't play paintball has no life.

ok 1 pain resistance is an objective thing 2 the paint is made to NOT stain clothes it washes off 3 some people bruise more easily than others

do some research before hatein

YDI, I agree w#1, u should have been wearing a mask & this wouldn't have happened.

astarwarsfan 0

taste the rainbow!!! xD

36 go cut yourself emo

so I kinda expected someone to have already commented with this but oh well I'll do it for ya: BOOM! HEADAHOT!

My friends and I don't wear masks.. we weren't even told to wet one either

actually the hand is the worst when your not wearing gloves

Alted4 0

Or simply looking up. I've never been shot in the mouth with i4's, but in the chin a ton of times. Grillz FTW

paintballs wash out, and they really don't hurt if you are wearing 2 layers. if you play in shorts and a t shirt, ydi.

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#36 go f*ck yerself. paintball is the most fun sport out there

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#36 your retarded. Paintball is fun because you can have a substitute for real life cod. Sorta. Som people play paintball with only goggles. Not a google system but like safety goggles people use while working with a hammer or a tool.

u sir are a pussy who probably sits in the safety of your room and on your ass in front of the computer

#36 turn in your man card. Now.

@99, real men do wear cups, otherwise you just have no balls to protect.

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haha ouch

I just had a Lolgasm

Dang that must have hurt.

Ya don't say?


friggen idiot, dude theres a thing called a mask

I hate the comment bug. Taste the rainbow.

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whoever shot you must've had excellent aim, or just got a really lucky(well unlucky for you) shot.

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this is extremely funny but at the same time you do deserve it for not wearing a mask. common sense...

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At least you wernt shot in the ass; that shit hurts. :p

wear a mask next time retard, thy made them for a reason... you totally di



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do you people just sit on here because you have no friends? get something better to do.