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Today, my father spent half an hour trying to convert my cat to Christianity. He has already done this with my other two cats. He's completely serious and thinks they are born-again Christians. FML
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pwincessa23 1

hahaha wtf?! this is hilarious though! I'd probably play along or tell him they're Jewish or something.

MrFlintstone 5

ops dad: I comand u to believe cat: meow?!?! ops dad: believe or you'll be damned cat: meow!!! (running away) ops dad: you can't run from god!!!!!!!!!


pwincessa23 1

hahaha wtf?! this is hilarious though! I'd probably play along or tell him they're Jewish or something.

dummbrunette 0

"I now pronounce you...a Christian." "Meow."

changetheworld 0

Well shit, he wants his cats to go to heaven with him. The man loves his cats, no harm in that.

ayooBrandon 12

lmao I'm not laughing at the comment ^^^

BMXbrett 0

Ha. Real G's move in silence like lasagna.

that is SO funny...guess he wants to make an "All Cats Go to Heaven"

simply_improper 1

After two years i still dont know what religion my cat is. He refuses to talk about religion with me. I hope he doesnt go to hell. :(

diidiimi 10

my cat's Muslim. It never occurred to me to ask her before this, but I just did and she told me. Our family is mostly Christian and atheist, but apparently she was born into a muslim cat-family, and has been devout since she was a kitten. it's why she's so fussy about food and personal hygiene.

MissFukMyLuck 0

as controversy as religion is, it makes me happy to see people devoted to SOMETHING! yay

monkeygristle 1

Cats are buddhists. They want their nine lives.

I would rather see them devoted to ANYTHING else. all cats are atheists btw.

BaMaBelle11 0

I bet the baptism doesn't go so well... cats+holy water= "holy shit get it off of me"

thesunsetglow_fml 8

My cat once tried to convert me to Scientology. I guess Tom cruise got to her first.

cats are themselves gods so there is no convincing them of an alternative religion!

The Egyptians worshiped cats as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.

YoungBanks 3

your picture is epic because it's perfect for the kid under your comment (not me the next comment)

He should be proud of his cat if he's Jewish.

no u should go put little yamicas (I have no clue how to spell that) and be like TAKE THAT DAD!

^atleast you would know your cat would be smart and successful then...

Sorry, I'm a firm believer in the Jedi religion.

screw the Jedi, the Sith are way better

well, like Soviets used to say "Religion is one hell of a drug!"

CaptainDoorknob 7

Religion is a retarded disease. All it does is slow down the progress of science. The Bible, which is a fiction novel written by schizophrenics with delusions of grandure, is no more the truth than what OJ Simpson told his jury. (;

Youre retarded. Youve probably never read the bible.

omgcookeys 15

3 cats? if your single and over thirty, you qualify as a lonely old cat lady.

beatleschick1940 9

I don't think she'd be living with her crazy dad at over thirty.

Man, imagine if OP's dad met Nyan Cat... He's got a rainbow, he has to be gay

ayooBrandon 12

he's a firm believer good for him!

browniegrl 4

a "firm believer" would know that, according to the Christian doctrine, animals don't have souls and therefore cannot be born again. not that I believe in any of that, but that's the word.

misfits911 0

at least they won't go to hell?


kitty hell Is horrible! They dont even bother changing the litter boxes, only get food twice a week and its that cheapo meijer brand! And the dogs...THEYRE EVERYWHERE!!

ibitehard 9

118, I've seen cats attack my dogs, cats are vicious @.@

is hell really thar bad? ive been twice, satans actually an okay guy xD even though him and hitler r butt buddies

Just because you're not Christian doesn't mean you are going to hell. Get your shit straight.

jeover 0

Actually, just because you aren't a christian, in fact DOES mean you're going to hell. Nice try though.

Really? Did God tell you that? Last time I heard, Jewish people were the chosen ones. Also, Jesus, your savior was Jewish. ALL MEN ARE EQUAL, DUMBASS. Well, unless you're like a terrorist or something.. Actually, nobody really knows for sure.. So just stfu.

lilkamarciano 0

228- your right. it says in the bible that anyone who believes and accepts jesus's name will enter into the kingdom of heaven. dosent matter who you Are. but it also says how the Jewish people betrayed him. no one is really "chosen" were all equal in his eyes.

Does he take them to church and pray with them?

congregation: amen. *sits* cats: mrow. *licks selves*

23- te cat has more than one of itself?

WallyTheWombat 0

Very nice save. Idk if they allow pets in church due to allergies and stuff.

We are they obviously satanist before? I hope autocorrect added that apostrophe, because that makes no sense.

haha thanks i didn't catch that. i feel so stupid now!

ummm, wow, next he's gonna be yelling at em to get a job xDDD

Kristance 4

Lol damn dude. I think there may be a certain type of prescription medication for behavior such as that! xD