Double standards

By not ashamed! - 05/09/2020 07:57 - United States

Today, I was told how irresponsible, dangerous and shameful it is to date as a single mom. Apparently, my one and only focus should be my children. I’ve had one boyfriend in the past two years. Meanwhile, my ex-husband has a new flavor of the month around our kids whenever he sees fit. FML
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Assuming you are a responsible mother, there is obviously nothing wrong with you dating. It would be interesting to know who said such a thing as it would make their motivation clearer.

You are doing nothing wrong dating as a single mom. Are your kids your priority? Absolutely. Does that mean you can't date? Nope, it sure as he'll doesn't. I'm divorced with full custody of my kids. I dated one man after the divorce, and now I'm married to him. Like your ex, mine had a "flavor of the month." He's finally settled down with one woman, but he had my kids sleeping over at so many different women's apartments, in violation of the divorce decree. It was disgusting. Hang in there. You ARE allowed to have a life.


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A tale as old as time. Just keep doing you, my fiancé was a single mom of 3 when we started dating, she told me up front I wouldn’t meet the kids unless she felt this was going somewhere, 6 months later I met them. Their dad.... well the kids are currently not talking to him bc he lied to them about the girl he was dating...