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By balls - 04/12/2022 20:00 - United States - Santa Clara

Today, the only reason I took a shower was because I could smell my dick sweat while still wearing underwear. FML
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trellz17 19

What do you mean "the only reason"?

That's pretty nasty.


A perfect reason to take a shower

vaguenotvogue 13

Maybe you should stay in there for a while... Like, a few hours maybe...

So the saying "I'm sweating balls" comes handy here...

That's pretty nasty.

whatarethisss 23

OP is probably concerned about the drought in California and trying to save water by not showering, lol.

vicious_fashion 14

Dude...take a shower because it's relaxing and socially more acceptable than waiting that long

Does personal hygiene mean anything to you?

whatarethisss 23

lol, if smelly balls made him want to take a shower, it probably means something.

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pleasedie 22

Lol wut ? You said that like it's perfectly normal.

You sir, are nasty af

Work an eight hour a day labor job and tell me you don't smell like ball sweat. You will.

Nasty dude. I have physical work and go to the gym in the evening but I can't smell my balls

I do the same thing, bro. No judgment. Well, except it's not my own crotch area, it's a female's... loljk women won't go anywhere near me.

cynthianicole95 9

That's...disgusting. There's absolutely no reason for your dick to be smelling that bad.

Because you don't got none.

trellz17 19

What do you mean "the only reason"?

steam_engenius 21

That's what I want to know....

whatarethisss 23

Hey! it's good that he had a reason.

Try making a habit out of it. At the moment you notice the smell yourself other people have probably noticed it for a while.... hygiene is so important, dont be nasty !

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OR he just works hard? Werk it