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By liLbob6598 - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I received a string of blank texts from an unknown number. When I asked who it was, I got a list of every place I've been over the last three days. I'm scared to leave the house. FML
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ShroomsOnAcid 16

That's one of the unfortunate drawbacks of modern technology. Tracking someone is easier than you think, especially when so many people willingly share that information on social networking sites like Facebook.

ieatcanteloupe 7

Someone has to be messing with you, if the problem persist I highly suggest you contact law enforcement.


ShroomsOnAcid 16

That's one of the unfortunate drawbacks of modern technology. Tracking someone is easier than you think, especially when so many people willingly share that information on social networking sites like Facebook.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Amen. I won't even touch Facebook. It shocks me that people willingly put so much personal info publicly online.

dan13mey 0

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GovernorGeneral 8

Hah someones probably just messing with you. ...either that or youre being stalked by a stranger. I dont know what to say in these kinds of situations xD Hope you get through this without pain :P

Gotta admit… social networking is good for the stun gun industry!

Agreed. It's easy to forget how sacred privacy can be when living in this age of information, but taking the time to think about the ramifications of what is being posted online (and thus, what information will always be out there somewhere in cyberspace) would serve many people well.

Oh, 61, don't worry your pretty little head about it. Just go back to your happy place and enjoy yourself. *slowly pushes toward happy place* Ok, if you really must know. When someone texts you and you do not recognize the number, is it unknown to you? I would say yes. Meaning you can see the number just not know who it is..then again I'm sleep I could be far off.

I think they meant unknown as in they dont know who it is. Not that the number was blocked

Twitter has become the new best tool for stalkers.

Also... There's that nifty little "reply" button. So you can still respond to a text without knowing the number.

Get Yoself a Gun!

93 a knife is better than a gun they're cheaper, more affective, and you don't have to wait to buy one.

OP is being extremely considerate by staying at home, the stalker's job is so easy now!

CremeEggs 6

Chocolate won't stalk you on Facebook.

27, you need to go back to the life you think you have on Facebook.

Try contacting the stalker over Facebook, message him and offer him cookies!

it's possible that this person found out the places you've been by tracking your phones GPS, it's still creepy but it's better than being followed around by a stranger for three days

MerrikBarbarian 9

I would 27.... But they say they won't allow me. Something about being too young and my faculties all being intact. So I will just have to settle for the research labs instead. Maybe I can interest you in participating in my study on limited focus and impulsivity of children as a result of media overload at an early age though? ;p

thatshot808 6

Yea, sites like Facebook and Twitter are heaven to creeps and stalkers

It's also easy to track down the persons number. Go to your local law enforcement. Show them the text you have received. That's enough evidence for them to do what they do and track down the person.

94 - Knives can't shoot people, and guns can be bought at walmart. I'd rather get a gun. Granted, not at walmart but just making a point.

leadrunner751 3

blame truth?


i agree 94 you have to leave the house to buy a gun but everyone has lots of knives, also guns are dangerous

ieatcanteloupe 7

Someone has to be messing with you, if the problem persist I highly suggest you contact law enforcement.

Agreed. People are weirdo's!

Unfortunately that won't work for as OP does not have any proof or indication on how to report the said 'unknown' texter. I've dealt with this similar problem, the cops won't do anything. So, it is best for OP to block the number or ask her telephone company to block it for her.

bamagrl410 31

I wouldn't block the number. I'd want to know if they were still following me so I could try to protect myself. Some people are just creeps!

Let the creeper watch you walk into a gun shop and come out with a shotgun. Also if you use some social network make fake posts it may be a bluff

trolls are getting really advanced technology

Change your number!

That's really creepy

arcriss1 0

Actually, that's crap. My husband is a cop and has actually caught someone doing shit like that to this girl in our town. He was stalking her and is now in jail.

141- really? Cuz ON, Canada cops don't do shit.

Well whoever they are they seem friendly :) I mean, he's nice enough to keep track of where you've been :)

xSonic 9

Your profile pic and your mind (judging from your comment) kinda creeps me out...

Well I hope you don't judge my mind's creepiness based off of one comment now O.o and I am assuming people are able to pick up the hint of sarcasm there angry bird :)

CuteDumBlonde64 11

Oh really? My apologies:(

delilah09 6

Ha! Angry bird ! Love it!

MerrikBarbarian 9

If they are creepy based on their profile pic... What does that make me? ;p

StopDropNRoll 11

^ fossil collector? Head hunter?

Ur retarded lol. Nice?... I believe it's called stalking..

101, and I believe it's called "sarcasm." Look it up sometime! The irony is astounding *facepalm*

xSonic 9

I know. I'm a failure. Sorry

AvaVolterra 0

Rofl, that made my day. :)

CuteDumBlonde64 11

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Take a chill pill? They sent a god damn list of everywhere op has been. That's called stalking, and it's not worth "taking a chill pill" and assuming that it's just some douchebag. Because if it's not just a douchebag, who knows why they're stalking op and what they could want. Your username fits you quite well.

CuteDumBlonde64 11

Ok ok. My bad. Sorry for sharing my opinion. username does fit me quite well sometimes.

delilah09 6

"Are you stupid or something ?!"

lolmonster34 0

#9 is right yea it could be a friend scarih you but what if it's herbert the pervert from family guy and he's come to life D:

Taking a chill pill should be the LAST thing u do when there's a psychopath stalker following u

#25, first, your attempt at a joke is sad, and not cool considering this is real. Second, he pervs on little boys. And I doubt the op's a little boy.

You guys immediately jump to the worst case scenario

kshafer08 7

That's when my secret ninja skills come out. Game over for stalker boy

lolmonster34 0

#117 no joke I'm scared ima see Herbert outside my window (don't like me? Have a seat with the rest of the bitches waiting for me to give a fuck)


Can't you call the police for that?

Yeah, but they can't do anything about it unless you are actually attacked. :/

mommapanda 0

Actually, that isn't very true. This is a form of harassment and very much a case of stalking, considering the list of places over three days. Law enforcement can do something about the harassment, and if there is more to back up the stalking, there's more that can be done lawfully. I've been "phone harassed" before and had to get the police involved.

-107 yeah maybe in the USA but not in Canada I tried to deal with this unknown bs and the cops here didn't do shit.

OP is in the USA. Also, it probably changes district to district, I've had a friend who was phone harassed up in Canada and the Cops helped her after she called them (took me forever to convince her though.) Really, the worst thing you can do is NOT call the authorities because you ASSUME they will do nothing. The worst thing that will happen if you call them is get "Sorry Ma'am/Sir we can't help you at this time."

125- I have talked to the opp the cops more than enough times than I should have while dealing with unknown callers. So don't assume I don't know what to do.

desireev 17

I live in Oklahoma in a small bo-dunk town where you'd think the cops would be very protective. I've tried to get a restraining order on my boyfriends ex-wife because she was threatening to kill me, breaking in my house and either stealing all of my stuff or destroying it, and she was following me around and making threatening calls. The cops or the court system didn't do anything to help me at all. They said she would have to actually do something to me. You'd think that making a person worry for their life would be enough for a restraining order, but it's not, where I live I guess..

Thats when you leave your house, hide a bat in a backpack, an tell this oh so special person to meet you

HondaKidd 5

They probably watched them put the bat in the bag... O_o

"Oh, now why must it be that kiddie bat? Grab the one in the trunk" :O

Better yet get a 16 inch retractable Asp baton.

How about you just go straight to a shot gun?

I would call the cops. Sure, it could be someone fucking with you, but, better safe than sorry.

The cops can't do anything unfortunately.

Me too. I almost did once when my mom sent me a text of what I was doing, this being before I knew my mom had texting.

arcriss1 0

Actually the cops can do something. It's called harassment. Some cops r just jerks and don't wanna do their job. But I'm the wife of a cop and I know good and well they can do something about it.

lolmonster34 0

#118 really? you almost called the cops 'cause someone knew what you were doing? Wow

It's probably a virus on your phone. You are texting yourself. Lay off the porn.

A virus is going to tell her ever place she's been in the last week? I call that BS. It is impossible to text yourself

No, its possible go ahead, try it

Starcatch77 20

It is definitely possible to text yourself, but why would she be trying to send a detailed, creep text of everywhere she's been to anyone? Or a completely blank one? A virus can't stalk someone; your comment makes absolutely no sense.

PerditaDessa 38

A virus can stalk someone. If she has location services turned on, on her phone it could very easily tell her everywhere she's been. A lot of viruses have a comic element to them.

Your bed Your kitchen Your bathroom Your living room Your bedroom The store Work/school

GovernorGeneral 8

Your pants.

My moms house... :(

His climbing up yo window, stalking your people up

blair_x 12


If it's a girl he would only have to say "the kitchen" lol JK

badass243 6

jack off. nobody will kill you while your beatin it

kickuwithmyfist 1

This is true...but you will finish.. Then what? Hmm?

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Round 2.

Only problem with going for another round is that it takes the average male 20 minutes before he get another glorious erection. That leaves him with a 20 minute window of vulnerability.

Its not that its to get another erection. Its the refractory time. All are different for guys, and for women its way quicker. Plus we dont even know of OP is a boy, or girl. Girls are stalked way more anyways

During that time you could sit there sharpening knives. Few things are more intimidating.

47- Disregarding the actual gender of OP, I was merely replying to a comment that suggests that OP is a guy.