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By Anonymous - / Saturday 13 January 2018 05:00 /
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  bish133  |  7

not necessarily. im not exactly underweight but i go for sweet stuff over savory, dont exercise etc... have deffo got a sweet tooth problem but dont put weight on...

By  manb91uk  |  21

I’m sorry but your doctors a fucking moron. There has to be an underlying issue. If you’re eating enough to be ‘addicted’ to food but don’t weigh as much as a renaissance statue then there’s something wrong with your metabolism!

By  neuronerd  |  28

As someone who used to have an eating disorder, I can say it's possible to be both underweight and be addicted to, and obsessed with food. I sincerely hope that's not the case for you, OP, but if it is, I wish you the best of luck with recovery.

By  Mortimer14  |  8

As another poster said, Hyperthyroidism could be one of the underlying causes. Another is Thymoma - a cancer of the Thymus gland. Do some research online and next time you see your doctor, you will be able to ask some questions.

Source, I have both Hyperthyroidism and a tumor in my Thymus gland. The symptoms are similar. A PET scan shows the tumor is benign so don't worry about me.

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