Ace in the hole

By anna - 15/05/2021 07:58

Today, I learned that it is not normal to have absolutely zero desire for sex. I’m well into my 20s and not a virgin. FML
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KristyRoseTakeMeHome 12

Yes it is. It's called asexuality and it's part of the LGBT spectrum.


KristyRoseTakeMeHome 12

Yes it is. It's called asexuality and it's part of the LGBT spectrum.

It is not part of the LBGT spectrum. it's part of the human sexuality spectrum.

Jon Tessler 14

actually it IS part of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. this is why most people now put the last 3 letters and "plus" sign when describing how the LGBTQIA+ community is looked at from their point of view.

KristyRoseTakeMeHome 12

It's still part of the LGBT spectrum. every sexuality except heterosexual is part of the LGBTQ spectrum.

LGBT= Lesbian, Gay, Bisexualy Transexual. I know people who are asexusl and are not queer in any way. So no, you can claim asexuality is part of LGBT all you want, I will still disagree. Have a lovely evening.

If you look at the full acronym, LGBTQIA+, what do you think the A stands for? Hint: it’s the word for lack of sexual attraction.

LGBTQIA+ is the full acronym. The A stands for asexual lol

It's not transexual, it's transgender. The LGBTQIA+ includes genders and sexualities, asexual is a sexuality, literally get over yourself.

Also, literally the first three you named are sexualities, of who they are attracted to, asexuality is literally the lack of sexual attraction, and you're right someone who is asexual doesn't have to be queer or claim to be, or engage in the community, but they're still asexual.

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Jon Tessler 14

actually not having a desire for sex IS NORMAL, as it is called being asexual or "ace".

It's not abnormal. Being a sexual is just how some people are.

Why would you want to be normal? Normal is boring. It's beige. It's turning over from RuPaul's Drag Race and watching a cardboard box production line.

Sometimes normalcy can be fun my work week is fairly action pack and abnormal and I dig the weekends with my SO where I have a couple days of normalcy. When it comes to sexuality though, anyone can do or not do what they want as long as it doesn't involve maiming or involve someone who doesn't want to be involved.

I am no psychologist, but I think there is a whole range of possibilities to explain your feelings or lack thereof. The explanation could range from true asexuality, to being in denial about your true orientation, to lack of a prior good and fulfilling sexual experience, or to being religiously or socially conditioned to be repelled by sexuality. You have a right to be you and live your life the way the way you chose, as long as you don’t infringe on others rights to live their lives their own way - Just like everyone else does. If you really think you are missing out on something - I suggest seeing a qualified psychologist or a counselor who can help you decide what you really want out of life. Be aware that not all psychologists are a good fit for every patient just as not all physicians are a good fit for every patient. So don’t give up if the first one doesn’t seem to understand you.

You can also not be attracted by sex for another simple reason: you have other things in your mind. Could be positive like you’re focused on an important project. Could be negative, like you struggle to make ends meet. Or depression. But +1 for the rest of the comment.

Some people are just asexual and have no desire for sex. There's nothing wrong with that. It just reduces the number of potentially compatible partners.

No that's normal, for asexual people. You're asexual, (or at least very specifically picky and haven't found it yet) congrats! Don't fret. If you enjoy the sex without the drive for it, nothing has to change. But don't feel pressure to have sex just because others want to.

Lora Wood 11

If you are on the pill that may be the problem. If not rejoice, you are FREE.

Welcome to the asexual club! We have mimosas at 7 and water polo at 6. Feel free to grab a flag next Pride.